the idea

"The problem is not the lack of a collective desire for a positive future but the lack of a collective vehicle for positive actions" Randy Powell


Around the world there are hundreds of thousands of groups and organisations who have social justice at the core of their objectives, from large international organisations to small local community groups. Imagine if the millions of members of these organisations, recognising their shared objectives, begin to connect and work together on a local level to take real, meaningful action starting in their own communities.

By joining this website you will discover neighbours throughout your community who share your desire to take positive action and create a better future.


how it works

This website connects individuals at a local community level based on the organisations they support and their interests and skills. It includes a directory of social justice organisations and connects the supporters of those organisations based on their location. It provides tools for community groups and larger organisations to take action at a local level, encouraging cooperation and collaboration between groups.

Connecting Communities

When you join, you'll set where you live on a map (don't worry, your exact location won't ever be shared with other users or organisations). This will allow you to connect with other like-minded people in your area. We'll link you at a local level with the other members of the organisations which you support. You can arrange local meetings, discover (or form) community groups and take part in positive, lawful action at a local level.


Groups & Organisations

As a tool for individuals, this website will serve as a directory of groups and organisations, from large international organisations to small local community groups. You can choose to receive notifications and updates from the groups that you support and connect with other users in your area who support the same groups as you.

If you represent an organisation or community group, this website will provide you with the tools to connect with a wider audience, based on their location and enable you to collaborate with other groups who share your objectives.





The Twelve Sectors

The "Wheel of Co-Creation"

Throughout this website, twelve key societal sectors are used to identify the skills and passions of individuals, and represent the focus of organisations and groups. This "Wheel of Co-Creation", first identified by Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard, covers all areas of human activity and comprises the full list of the basic functions of any community. These sectors provide us with a reliable and integrative model for our collective transformation. By cross-referencing how both individuals and organisations sit within these 12 sectors we can facilitate productive and balanced connections and collaborations.


who's behind it?

Mat - Website developer:
"For the past 15 years I have worked as a website developer, and during those years I have spent much of my time and attention seeking truth. I have come to understand that only by raising our collective consciousness can we come together to take the action required to free humanity from the slavery that we find ourselves in. I have created this website, with the support from a group of friends, as a tool to help unify the many thousands of groups (and millions of individuals) who are aware of the many wrongs in the world and understand the duty we have to do what is right. The intention of this website is simply to help raise our collective consciousness by encouraging cooperation and the sharing of knowledge, connecting like-minded individuals at a local level and enabling the lawful community based action needed to ensure a better future for all."

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