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  • @ryan_harlow Send me an email and we can discuss 15 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @secupp Paul Joseph Watson's response obliterating you is flawless... unassailable. 15 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @lushsux @PrisonPlanet people's artistic talent these days is astounding... that and technology. 15 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @Jasungod What the fuck does that have to do with this discussion? I have one daughter and she is gorgeous, and hav… https://t.co/xlzNHaownh 15 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @JonasAfrend This was not a post about catastrophism. Or anything else. In fact, this post is wholly outside the re… https://t.co/219IC3HpHZ 15 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @PrisonPlanet Has he ever been accused of being a genius? 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • Democrats: Global warming, depopulation, screw family & Religion, trans-child-indoctrination-in-elementary school..… https://t.co/sb7Wbs95Ca 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @OceansideB PS- I also have a law degree, Econ degree, am a feminist jurisprudence expert, and not too unfamiliar with philosophy either. 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @Jasungod @dancoyben @OceansideB The fake news is that Trump made. They heard about it at the resort and googled it… https://t.co/TkWmGBJBVk 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @OceansideB @dancoyben Dude, you think Trump made that movie? Wow... try listening to someone other than the left-l… https://t.co/s58fgjGJPo 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s
  • @OceansideB Every prez gets death threats... Not from public figures. Dumbass. 16 hours ago @TheRealS0s

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