******* "NOVA TERRA Project" can be implemented in any region, any time, even starting from today. It is a way of real action so you can test it for yourself, apply it and develop it at your will and own need. ******* The standing particularity of "NOVA TERRA Project" comes with the missing piece of the puzzle, a complete structure and functionality, which can provide ways of interactions between people as a global scale free society. The real power belongs to and is at the individual - the Participant - the only one that actually performs the action in everything. ******* The full concept of "NOVA TERRA Project" includes any kind of activity, any zone, any job, any person, including you and your skills. ******* Learn more about on the links: http://nova-terra.org/11-en-FAQ.php ******* In NTP cricle here Participants can define and erase the FMPs as they appear or dissapear.

Scope: Global

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