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There are many contributions that could be offered in gratitude [...]

Friday 7 July 2017, 12:58:05
There are many contributions that could be offered in gratitude for a room in our home. We have two rooms to choose from- depends on your needs and contributions. Our house is geothermal, new and in NH.
We are looking for individuals who could make some of the following contributions- cooking, gardening, light carpentry, interested in aquaponics, snowblowing and lawn mowing, care giving, and/or virtual assistant skills, editing skills, computer skills related to self publishing or internet marketing of online transformational courses. Basically we are offering a room in our home and we want to provide you with Ubuntu living if there are ways that you can help us with various skills. We are a smoke free and alcohol free household. Email me at
There are other skills we will consider such as solar design and installation of off grid system.
Friday 7 July 2017, 12:59:10
Really cool! Working on my own homestead but I am sure you will find the right people! #keepthedreamalive
Saturday 8 July 2017, 16:26:29
Thanks for you encouragement. How is it going on your homestead?
Saturday 8 July 2017, 17:12:15
All is well, thanks for asking. The garden is growing out of control, we got new baby, chicken, turkens & ducks just born in the last 2 weeks and all the other animals are happy and healthy! I just transitioned to this lifestyle 4 years ago so its been a learning process but the best move I ever made! From vagabond traveling activist/musician to organic also have been building a recording studio over the last few years and that hopefully will be completed by years end. Bucket list is almost complete, had to start a new one Would love to see what you're doing out there, have you got a FB page? Peace.
Saturday 8 July 2017, 17:23:01
Farm sounds awesome!!! Good luck with the recording studio. Email me and I will tell you how to see our websites.
Sunday 9 July 2017, 02:53:52
Swift Winds
Hey Shayli, my girlfriend and I have all of the skills listed above! However, we enjoy marijuana from time to time and don't eat meat. Do you think we can still fit?
Our daughter is about to turn 2 and we are looking for the right environment for her to grow up.
Let me know your thoughts!
Sunday 23 July 2017, 17:10:09
We would love to talk about the possibility of joining in Ubuntu together in our home. Where are you located. Could you send me an email at and tell us a little more about yourselves. Warmly,
Tuesday 25 July 2017, 12:12:07
Hi Shayli! This is really cool. I am not ready to make a move like this yet but it is exciting to see this happening. I will take down your email and connect soon. Thank you!
Sunday 13 August 2017, 16:21:39
Thanks for encouragement!!
Tuesday 15 August 2017, 06:20:35
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