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Hi fellow Full Circlers! As I've posted here before I [...]

Port Henry, New York
via The Full Circle Project
Hi fellow Full Circlers! As I've posted here before I am suing the STATE(Co-Accused) for contract fraud ( sub-charge of racketeering). I am sending the following letter this morning and if any here feel in accord with what I am doing I ask you to call the court( 518-546-9955 from 9-4 EST) and ask the judge to recuse himself from the case involving AMANDA C LOVELL. I've read a lot of people asking what they can do. One of the things is support one another. It would be wonderful for them to know mine is not the only voice demanding change. To Richard Carpenter: The reasons you are ineligible to judge the above noted case:
You are a named Accused in the counterclaim on this case, and have multiple times proven your complicitcy with the Co-Accused by using their bylaws to judge me, the letter dated June 9 is but one example. Nemo judex in sue causa.(the STATE's law that you claim to uphold)
I have seen you conferring with both the defense and prosecuting attorneys of the Co-Accused, out of court. Ex Parti.(the STATE's law that you claim to uphold)
You lied on the unnotorized arrest warrant, unlawfully jailing me.Perjury(the STATE's law that you claim to uphold)
I do not trust you or your promise of impartiality and, as I did in court, on record, on June 2, 2015, thank-you for recusing yourself.
If you refuse, I will be forced to notify the public of your illegal use of the office you were elected for, as there appears to be no recourse in the Judicia for the injustices of the Justices.
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