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its a vidio ..but many cant watch Video – ..for [...]

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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its a vidio ..but many cant watch Video – ..for many reasons .[im immune to the flicker rate but linited down load permissions do not allow me to examin the all i have is the blurb..

[quote] Our universe may be nothing more than a university of duality,/[quote]....

dear grayham..forget the stars the universe forget dualiity..of this material guuided by the duality of materialistic-ly guided by spirits.....good and bad bring their positive and negative suggestions into reality

[quote].. where all things take from in polar opposites.[/quote[... yes apply this to your mind reasoning right from wrong...good bad..selfish or service..think of it like a demon on one shoulder wispering one thing bad selfish or hurtfull to other with an angel on the other wispering in your ear love grace mercy we are one...[thats the duality from which our soul gets created..

[the soul is our body form in the next life it is a jkarma storage factory that accumulats lost souls and other baggage like demons as much as angels and every act has its kartma,,that duality is known fact ..its not the voices we hear but on which ones we chose to enact

[quote].. The notion of good and evil, then, is a formative part of our moral universe..[/quote]..

not altogether ..yes our acts shape our environment..but we must drag it to a more persinal level graham..we must see that the suggestions from demons and aggels is like picking our own masters in the next life..we judge angels and the things we chose to make real..realise the act isn't karmic till we make it real

[if you like more clear..we are judging the fallen the things we chose to give our energies too ,.these ideas about this often dark universe we live in. irrelitive to whats going on within...its all about what we manifest into being by our works.

within us all..Is consciousness engaged in a giant process of growth and rebirth,chosing options suggestions inputs into our brain via our mind.. where both the suggestions and imaginings of the concepts good or better ..and evil,..or vile are learning tools..sent by god to give guidence to us all...

all for the one reason the building of our astral form for the next levels..[our soul]..our spirit belongs to god but our karma builds our soul..the duality is to awaken your freewill..knowing in the end god gave us both options..KNOWING our fruit in the end is worth his faith ..

god so loves a repentant heart..know ye sins are go and sin no more…
one under god [on strike/on point]
CHOSING to live simple is a choice anyone may chose..BUT FORCED AUSTERITY ..debt serfdom and other things FORCED upon us is wrong..i worry that those wanting a simple way are just trying to sell a book..or make us suffer and them to have it all..simple is good* if its your own choice..but to force dumbing down people into work houses is not a lifestyle choice ..nor is banker mandate collusion by the money changers to subvert and invert human expectaion..and instal al elite that allready has punnished the ignorant enough con-census reality is like democracy..its an average system designed to put the dreamer back into accepting the peer knows best world vieuw..[this joke of science is a new age religious mantra that like the priest hood before it is based on peers needing average so they can attain to be peer.
Tuesday 28 July 2015, 03:11:20
one under god [on strike/on point]
we ..or rather our actions make the get to the future we must not be decieved by people living in the past putting us back to sleep..this vidio says some of the right buzz words..but like any pre-tence it knoweth not of which it dare speak ..only to bring false hope and sent the slowly awakening back to sleep..if you really believe these blinking lights are made from people from the future that is not yet writen..go back to sleep..we living in the only rel time living moment..this living moment is as far as any can see 'into' the are to right things in the now so we collectivly write our own future..its not a time to be fooled by decievers but to awaken the sleepers
Tuesday 28 July 2015, 03:12:04
one under god [on strike/on point]
i lived through the 60.s the 80's and i know that hero's have a habit of disappearing ..[its just how the elites play the game] as he implies we must keep on swimming up stream..i know my reply would say go with the flow..stop swimming against the current..let it guide you till you have the strength to escape it..[let the river reveal its revealings..and save your energioes for the right time ..[timming is till then hang low eat the low hanging fruit..get to know your fellow not be concerned about teaching them..get to know like them till thee change of state freezes the droplets ito a great chunk of ice bigger than its like a mountain top guiding the drop of water that you are down to the oceon..where all the rest of the dropletts gather..and you will gather..and in time the call will be recieved as rthe heat converts the droplets to steam..then let the wind guide you to a new mountain..and yet again find comfort as puddles become streams and streams gather into rivers enjoy the process be the love..we have plenty of time for everything..we have eternity to get it right..leave some of the change for the next gemneration so together the ocion reveals its full glory
Tuesday 28 July 2015, 03:12:56
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