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Hello my dear ones, I am new here on [...]

Las Vegas, Nevada
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Hello my dear ones, I am new here on Prepare for Change / SOTR. I heard the abrupt intuition during my nightly mediation on Friday 9/7/18 this calling was for me to urgently connect with global spiritual networks, in which that's what ultimately brought me here today...

I meditate twice a day, one in morning & one at the start of 11:11 each night. During my night meditation last night on 9/13 I had set my main attentions but was redirected elsewhere, while in stillness my within stated to me in clear awareness that "A Colorado Dam will fall" those were the exact words. I didn't get which Dam it will be or when that was it, I got nothing tangible after that. It's literally hundreds of the Colorado Dams out there. The puzzling thing to me is that I live in Nevada the nearest Dam to me is Hoover Dam and that's one of the finest Dams in the world. So I doubt that one would have issues.

But In the meantime dear ones, please if you can for me, keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of damaged or not poorly constructed Colorado Dams throughout the following states: CO, CA, AZ, NV, NM, WY & UT. >>> Thank you all for all that you are and more, with all my Love <<<<<
Earth Angel 4 Love
Correction: Date of last night meditation I had regarding a Colorado Dam falling was actually 9/12 not 9/13.
Thursday 13 September 2018, 20:33:16
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