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Obedience the the Law is ? Obedience to the Law is [...]

Surat Thani
via The Full Circle Project
Obedience the the Law is ?

Obedience to the Law is ‘Freedom’ depends on your understanding of the word ‘Freedom’. Free- dom literally means ‘to be rid of domination’. Within this paradigm we have an ever diminishing amount of ‘freedom’. The Governments that we laughingly believe represent us and protect us (from who?) steal through mind manipulation (Govern = to rule – Ment = the Mind) our freedoms by creating Laws that we stupidly let them do. Over the last two decades (well at least since 9/11) we have allowed Governments around the world to create a world that Hitler would be proud of and like the German citizenry of the ‘Third Reich’ we do nothing and simply bury our collective heads in the sand.

What makes us so cowardly? It is our actions OR none actions that will create the world for tomorrows children, don’t we care? Are we so selfish that we would rather give a two year old child an ipad so that they don’t bother us while we check out our facebook likes and dislikes on our SMART phones? Our Governments criminalize the poor we say nothing! Our Government maim and murder literally millions in other countries and we remain silent. Our Governments rob us and give that money to the Banking Elites, we say nothing. Our Governments, complicit with the Tech Giants and the MSM take away our rights to free speech and we comply. I could go on and on but I don’t think that I need to, you get the picture!

While we continue accepting if not believing in the present system ‘Obedience to the Law’ will never give us ‘Freedom’ only harsher ‘Slavery’!!!
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