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Just a thought or Two!

I was just about to reply to a comment sent to me from ‘Truth’ concerning my post ‘Transhumanism and the Great Work of the Ages’ when I realized that I had a lot more to say, so here goes - Cognitive dissonance and outright fear is at the heart of the problems we face when trying to get people to really open their eyes and look at what is happening. I feel I need to write this new post to fully explain the level of human insanity brought about by cognitive dissonance and outright fear that permeates our society at present. You are right about the need to educate but all of the information any of us need is already on the net. We all have access to as much knowledge as we will ever need if we actually want to take that knowledge on board. Most new information that we find concerning the role of the power elite is just regurgitation, repackaging or proof of the same info. A saying that always bounces around the inside of my head is ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink’, we need action not voyeurism at present as the time for complacency and ego massaging is way past.

Many people that I have spoken to and inter-act with over the years believe that they must first become self enlightened before they act on external problems and my comment to that is that becoming self enlightened includes working for good in the external world. There is no greater thing we can do at present than working to create a better future for our children and that means actively working against what the Elite plan for humanity no matter what the cost is to us.

To gain enlightenment is a life long journey and there are countless ways to begin that journey yet many believe you can buy ‘enlightenment’ in an ‘enlightenment shop’ so every week a new way to get there is bought into and ‘tasted’. Next week a new method promoted by a new Guru hits the streets and an exodus to the new method takes place. This is not the way towards enlightenment.. The initiate needs to follow one path to the end and even then carry on as there is no end to becoming enlightened. As they say, ‘it’s not about reaching the destination, it’s the journey that counts’! Trying all the new and improved methods means never really getting past the first steps. Anyway, the point I am making is that none of us can wait until we are levitating in a lotus position before we become pro-active in the fight against the Elite. Being a true ‘Warrior’ (not a so called ‘social warrior’ as that is a misnomer screeched at others by misguided children!) is part of becoming enlightened. We cannot worry about what our taking a stand will do to us, let’s face it we may get run over by a bus tomorrow or whenever so why worry about what may happen. Cowardice is not a part of being enlightened but standing up against a crazed Elite that means to do harm to each and everyone of us is!

The Elite aren’t sitting around crapping themselves, they are super active at present even though one false move and they are finished yet we are many and have the real power but are caught up in a psychological soup that appears to stop us from using that power. You see so many posts on youtube that has a person being seriously assaulted by uniformed psychos or even murdered and these clowns with an iphone saying “don’t worry man we’ve got this on film” – so f------g what? Where’s the courage and the nobility in our actions?

Let’s look at what the Elite have done while we sleep or simply stare at our SMART devices:-

Many people think that the United Nations is some ‘fluffy Bunny’ outfit but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They have managed to successfully create a ‘World Health’ organization that promotes vaccines and pharmaceuticals on a global level and is behind the push to enforce vaccinations on the entire global population and as Bill Gates says (I paraphrase here!) “If we can vaccinate the entire population then we will begin to bring down populations” because there is just too many people that, as Henry Kissinger puts it, are simply ‘useless eaters’. The United Nazi’s (whoops Nations!) have also managed to begin slow killing us through food. In 2010 the entire globe signed up for ‘Codex Alimentarius’, a set of food laws that will according to their own documents, destroy the nutritional value of food through pesticides and genetic engineering while at the same time they are set to pump every animal that are on the carnivorous humans diet list with sub-cutaneous anti-biotics and growth hormones thereby once again helping to bring down the population (re:- Dr. Rima Laibow). And at present they are busy implementing Agenda 2030, a dystopian vision of a New World that thrust the remaining human populations into SMART Cities that will control them from the cradle to the grave whilst dumbing them down with global education standards (Common Core).

The UN is very, very busy at the moment and I have only mentioned a few of the nefarious things they are involved in.

Only by fully comprehending that there is really only one ‘Great Work’ can we begin to see how all of the pieces on the chess board are being played out

Now, whether my conclusions about what we need our first steps to be or not are correct is debatable but I keep placing them on the site for that debate and receive zero comments. The questions that I asked on this post (Transhumanism and the Great Work!) were not to massage my ego but to generate discourse so that we can begin to arrive at conclusions as to what to do next. Not one person has ever answered any of the questions I have asked. We all know, for example, that we need a unified group to begin any action against the Elite's Agenda, Max Igan talks about this as well, so where is the game plan to arrive at that 'Unity'? My hope was that because of the many great intellects on the site we could put our collective heads together and come up with a plan that we would put into action. It is true that the battles that we perceive are coming from every angle and therefore people may be fractured as to where they place their energy but the truth is that we only have one enemy and that is at the head of the pyramid. That is why we need a unified umbrella group that collects all of our diverse energies and focuses that huge mass of energy at the brain of this global conspiracy.

The next question that I asked on my last post was - ‘How do we convince people to stop using credit cards and other forms of digitzed finance?’ There is a reason for this question that lies at the heart of our manipulation. The realization that ‘finance’ is the Elite’s greatest Magickal tool and that it is because of finance that we continue to march towards our own demise must be comprehended by each and everyone of us. The entire financial system is simply a method to enslave us, forcing us to obey its dictates simply to exist, never mind thrive, within the paradigm. With the advent of digitization even the illusion of freedom of have of controlling our own wealth is being taken away. Once ‘cash’ disappears we will not have any freedom left and every action we take will then be sanctioned by the ‘powers’ as they will control all of our wealth. This will grant the Elite full control as they will with one finger poised on the key of a computer console be able to coerce us to do anything that they wish us to do otherwise we will be wiped out of society itself if they decide to put pressure on that finger. That is the importance of the second question yet even on the fcp we would, I believe, find a majority of its members using credit cards and more and more using less and less cash for ‘convenience’ sake. Is this the reason that my questions disappears into the ether?

The third question was ‘How do we break the glamour of the virtual world?’ This question once again deals with digitization and its ability to control. To see even children as young as two or three being given SMART phones and tablets simply to stop them being children is beyond crazy. The parents should be ashamed but they are on their phones and tablets so heavens forbid that they have the headspace for real parenting. Going to a restaurant and seeing a group of friends or family sitting their looking at their digital devices and not fully inter-acting with each other just about says it all. There is nothing more to say to this phenomenon except ‘STOP’ insanity really is becoming the new norm!

It’s time to break free from the illusion that we think is reality and seriously unite with a view to creating the world that we would all be proud of, if not for us then for our children and their children. Let us use sites like the fcp to begin that work but remember time is really not on our side. The world won’t wait for us all to become ‘enlightened’ we must work on our compassion for others and leave our ‘cognitive dissonance and fear in a little closed box that has a great big padlock keeping it locked!!!

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