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Hi I am new to this group. This is the [...]

Cherokee Village, Arkansas
via The Full Circle Project
Hi I am new to this group. This is the only group of any kind I have ever joined. My decision to connect now is due to the sad state of our world and my sense of isolation in it. My search for like minded awakened individuals has taken me down many rabbit holes. What a relief to find this group! I am excited! I'm awake! And I am ready to shine my light! Where do start? How can I help? Is there anyone out there in my area? Any projects in my area? My family friends and community seem very limited in understanding the true state of our world. I look forward to connecting!
Hi Shine welcome to FCP
Monday 26 November 2018, 18:23:38
Shine bright
Thanks so much for the welcome. Its good to be here!
Monday 26 November 2018, 22:18:10
Chin Whisker
Hi Shine bright. Very few in my community are awake, but it's still good. We just have to look out for each other and wake them gently, huh?

They can't receive what they are not ready for. I think they accept more than they let on to.

Much Love and many blessings
Tuesday 27 November 2018, 00:41:55
Samaya H
I am new here also. I was tired of being so isolated and looking for others that resonate with me. Blessings to everyone.
Friday 14 December 2018, 05:15:00
Chin Whisker
Much Love and many blessings to you too Samaya
Friday 14 December 2018, 15:25:05
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