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I just joined today. I would like to learn more. [...]

Meridian, Idaho
via Ubuntu Planet
I just joined today. I would like to learn more. I am an EFT practitioner and RN.
Hi Bill and welcome - What is an EFT practitioner?
Wednesday 1 June 2016, 02:02:30
Deleted User
Hi Bill D have you found a circle in your area yet?
Wednesday 1 June 2016, 13:18:58
Bill D
Sylvia, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Creating optimal living through emotional freedom. I teach clients how to activate the comforting part of their nervous system while talking about situations that are upsetting. When we are done, they are no longer upset about the situations. There is much more to it. It is a biologically based interventions to change/re record dysfunctional patterns in people's lives. I would love to chat more.
Thursday 2 June 2016, 21:05:00
Bill D
Janet, I haven
Thursday 2 June 2016, 21:05:12
Bill D
haven't joined any circles yet. I will investigate that as I learn more. Thank you for asking. I am not exactly sure how the circles work at present.
Thursday 2 June 2016, 21:06:12
Deleted User
Its just so you can make contact with people in your area. You are welcome to join my circle 755 although it is not in your area, George Western Cape RSA
Thursday 2 June 2016, 23:17:22
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