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Next Full Circle Live Symposium/Hangout scheduled for THURSDAY 9TH JUNE [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
Next Full Circle Live Symposium/Hangout scheduled for THURSDAY 9TH JUNE at 12hrs PST/15hrs EST/20hrs BST/05hrs AEST(10th). Max Igan, Louise and extra guests TBA. Focus on FCP updates, questions and suggestions. DO post these below until we activate the box provided on the Symposium page. Let us know how you would like to be involved, if you have proposals for this or future meetings. Look forward to see you there... be well, Louise
sounds great.. I'd like to hear ideas and suggestions for those like myself who are a bit isolated where we live.. We are here, we want to help and create local circles, etc.. Aside from the notion of "if you build it, they will come", what would be advice to those who are more or less starting from scratch in their local communities.. I'm still finding my balance here trying to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world.. i thought of ideas also such as looking for local groups in communities who already established themselves as activists, truth-seekers, etc and aligning them with FCP
Thursday 2 June 2016, 13:54:32
Yep, i hear you this is a common situation and one we will definitely address. Do you know what your local area's concerns are, or main activities? I think it doesn't have to start with those already carrying the label 'activist' or 'truther's' or whatever... how about starting out with where people gather (market?) and make some friends/relations by discovering what interests them..take it from you will soon hear about what concerns them once you have gained some trust.... one suggestion anyhow :-)
Thursday 2 June 2016, 15:20:20
right on, yea, i've kept that in mind and i've been a member of a local farming association that even incorporates sacred geometry in their planting methods.. i've even spoke to several elected officials about environmental stuff.. pretty complicated and there is mafia influence in the region unfortunately.. haven't followed up on most of that too much tho and i know my problem is mostly just not being out there and applying myself more in the real world thanx Lula
Thursday 2 June 2016, 15:33:18
Sacred Geofarming eh? Sounds neat! well..geometric anyhow but how lucky is that?¿ there must be a way 'in' there with like-minded peeps. It would be interesting to hear more about what methods they use. Anything like biodynamics? I completely get the mafia-thing. I was astonished to find it here in my local village, as well as heavy drug-use... we have our work cut out it seems! But..... where there's a will there's a way.... what are the youth up to in your area?
Thursday 2 June 2016, 15:58:00
Do you have skills or time you can offer to people in your community? This is also something anyone can start anywhere NOW and can lead to a collaborative sharing group being formed. More about this to come, but something else for you to think on.... let me know if you'd like more guidelines on this as its simple yet effective and can lead to Big Things..
Thursday 2 June 2016, 16:01:00
yea, i'm down for whatever.. i'll be tuning in to what you guys gotta say about it and give it more focus in the meantime.. thanx again
Thursday 2 June 2016, 18:31:12
Lula where is the symposium being held and will it be possible for people to hear or participate online? I feel like AwakenYaMind does-I'm just starting out and trying to work out where in my community that my skills will be most effective and best utilised. My village there is lots of crime, unemployment and toxic power stations and drugs. My question to you is how do I approach those who are still sleeping without coming across as judgemental?
Sunday 5 June 2016, 07:27:18
For anyone interested in the exchange with Rach on the questions she asks, please have a look at the recent chat.-- Updates for the symposium coming by Tuesday- check in with The Full Circle Project drop down menu on " Full Circle Symposium" page. Thanks!
Sunday 5 June 2016, 20:28:51
[deleted user]
Well Rach this the problem we all are facing though I realize it is easier in some areas than others. I live in the North West of England, though a post Industrial landscape it is a relatively peaceful place to be. I formed a circle and it is progressing well considering. People close to me tell me I'm to open in my beliefs and that I risk being marginalized and that friends will slowly disappear. My bosses I know consider me a trouble maker because of my belief system yet I have worked for them for 13 years in a senior position. I am still working out how to approach the problem of recruiting members, but one issue that is close to my heart is that of all this information on the web and the effect it has on people. I have witness a lot of people simply melt down with taking on to much of the problem and not enough of the solutions. This to me is were The full Circle Project must address this issue we must build this community to ensure we help with the emotional well being of its members particularly the younger element There is a lot of information out there particularly on YouTube that is very emotionally charged. We must ensure our members don't lose sight of there own existence. Please keep in touch and let me know how things are progressing and we can share experiences.
Monday 6 June 2016, 21:56:53
For various reasons we will hold this Hangout a week NEXT Thursday 16th June. Yes, for those observant, thats the 16/06/16
Watch this space and keep those questions and items for discussion coming in. Thank you, Louise
Tuesday 7 June 2016, 21:48:47
Perfect date Lula All numbers have good energy
Wednesday 8 June 2016, 05:41:17
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