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I just have a few quick updates for our meeting. [...]

Savage, Minnesota
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I just have a few quick updates for our meeting. Carolyn will be bringing coffee (yay!), Cathy will be bringing brochures, Keri will be presenting some updates on the Healthcare circle and I will be doing a demonstration burn of my free energy producing rocket stove.

I have invited everyone from the larger UBUNTU Circle in the local area to join our local circle and attend the meeting if they can.

I can't wait to meet you guys or see you again!

Amanda D
I'm excited to meet everyone tomorrow and be around like minded individuals! Everyone I currently know thinks I'm a bit crazy or a conspiracy theorist. Please let me know if there's anything I can bring???
Friday 10 June 2016, 19:10:26
Carolyn K
Same here! Excited to meet all you folks! Trust will be inspired after all of us get together....
So powerful!
Saturday 11 June 2016, 00:38:18
In January, when I first started this circle, I had no idea what it would become (and I am still wondering). Now I am so grateful for this opportunity. This team has so much potential - let's find out what we can accomplish!
Saturday 11 June 2016, 12:55:07
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