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Hi Folks I Am London Based self taught Music Artist [...]

London, Greater London
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Hi Folks I Am London Based self taught Music Artist Charlie Rhymes..
bringing my own breed of conscious thought provoking self made Pop..
currently working an my debut album and about to start gigging in and around London.. all you see is made at home by myself and my crew.. from the writing, to the performance, recording and production.. as well as all art and video art... our main hashtags on instagram are #wemadeitonourown and #charlierhymes

Our Aim to use our musical platforms to spread truth and a message of self empowerment to anyone on this Earth who will give us a few minutes of their time to hear something from a different perspective.. we are about Love, Compassion, Truth and Fighting for what is Right in this World in whatever way we can to contribute to the betterment of Humanity and this once Beautiful World which seems more and more like its running off the rails and losing all sense of moral direction in pursuit of a Corporatist Agenda to Enslave the people of the Earth with invisible Shackles of Debt and Austerity perpetrated by the Fear Mongering Sociopathic Elite in service of themselves and their Investments over what is good for the everyday Man Woman and Child.

please take a moment to check out what we are doing and show some love and support at
twitter: @charlierhymes

One Love
Mr Rhymes
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