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Calling all volunteers! We need help to design and establish [...]

Gariepdam, Free State
via Ubuntu Planet
Calling all volunteers! We need help to design and establish a food forest at Earth Fest 2016. We can provide food and accommodation in exchange for your labor of love. Below is the link to the event that we need to prepare for.…

For more details please contact me at

I am because of you!

Evert Minnie
Deleted User
Yo that looks cool. Wish I could go... I'd love to grow the food forest. Im in George, Western Cape. I would not be able to pay rent and go there. Im a slave. Arm blanke.
Friday 10 June 2016, 17:03:14
Louise Clarke
Hi Evert, welcome! A great initiative deeply aligned with the Ubuntu philosophy, and I encourage everyone to get involved in whichever way they can! I look forward in co-creating this event with you. <3
Saturday 11 June 2016, 08:31:47
Deleted User
Louise this looks really exciting. Instead of burning stuff in an environmentally sensitive area and dressing up like bananas these guys are DOING something AWESOME. It a wonderful idea. CONGRATULATIONS for showing the way forward. I would love to get involved.
Saturday 11 June 2016, 10:00:24
Earth Fest
Thank you for the kind words and love sisters! We are very excited and humbled by the growing support for Earth Fest. Our intention is to show how simple it is to co-create sustainable food production systems while having fun! The Ubuntu philosophy has enabled us to reach a vast network of like minded beings and we are establishing strong roots. Earth Fest is open to anyone who wishes to collaborate with the vision, no matter where you are in the world there is always a way to share and integrate. Bless you all.
Sunday 12 June 2016, 11:54:01
Sunday 12 June 2016, 11:56:48
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