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Hi, Dylan here from Bredasdorp. We are currently campaigning for [...]

Bredasdorp, Western Cape
via Ubuntu Planet
Hi, Dylan here from Bredasdorp. We are currently campaigning for the Ubuntu Party, Cape Agulhas municipality. We are getting a positive response from the community. The local (indigenous) people are 68% majority and their culture (Khoi-Khoi) is very similar to the vision of the Ubuntu Party.
We are trying to get started on a community project. A local gentleman has offered his property on which to do the project. It is located, on the Struisbaai road, 500 m outside Bredasdorp. This is the perfect location; natural water, on mountain slope, great soil. We aim to adopt permaculture principles.
Myself and another Ubuntu candidate have started to remove the alien vegetation. This will be used for fire wood and mulch. We are removing the aliens carefully, to cause as little disturbance possible to the beautiful fynbos vegetation.
Funds are at a minimum. We hope to generate some funds, by doing an online progress report/blog.
What I would appreciate immensely, is the permaculture advice from a person experienced in the local conditions. I am a landscaper, specializing in coastal fynbos gardens. I know that growing conditions are very good in the area. I would like to install a food forest.
Could you perhaps offer some advice. We have 5 weeks till election day, 3 August. We would like to start this project, correctly. This will avoid having to change things at a later stage... Thank You
Wrong continent, but I know of a person experienced in native plants. Please PM me if you would like more information. He runs a nursery for native plants for our region and may be able to offer some general advice.
Thursday 23 June 2016, 00:53:01
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