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I see the Vermont group crowfundign to get some land. [...]

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I see the Vermont group crowfundign to get some land. Lets find some land in the UK and do the same. This IS the time
Energy Kool
Search for abandoned villages and then for abandoned properties. Do a search on Okupas movement. Learn what rights you have to live on those and in what conditions. In Light with <3
Sunday 26 June 2016, 00:47:20
There are strong laws here on land. It’s very expensive too. We would need a collective of people to do it for sure. The concil own most of the land in towns here and as for abandoned villages in the UK this is very very rare in fact i’ve never seen one. We need to try though
Sunday 26 June 2016, 09:34:00
[deleted user]
went to Ealing council (west London), planning department. looking for empty land. they don't keep such records. very grey area. can retrospectively give permission though. Southall in Ealing borough, few days ago travellers moved in with 25 - 30 caravans with 5 - 7 horses and so forth. nothing from local authorities. no action. it is a not a fun fair, you assumed. just gang of caravans. no purpose in life. locust swarm. litter everywhere, horse poo and so on. where is Ealing council permission? authorities? UK law seems to magically disappear. Also, I pay council tax to keep streets clean. Truth is I sweep the street and litter picking cause it is always filthy. Council never keeps it clean but it is illegal if you don't pay.
Saturday 2 July 2016, 21:41:01
[deleted user]
landlord has right for a land. we are told. go back in written records who gave him/her that right, and back one more to those before. ok. you will find out 4 - 5 names back in time from today. It stops then. may be in 1800. mostly. Truth is land is free. land ownership is a myth. if you take this to court, they can not find land owner after few titles back. Planet earth was first. then humans. not other way. Humans can't own planet they are on it. and those ridiculous terms land was so to speak bought or divided. land is granted for period of time. speculate on land ownership. it is a myth. Birds build nest without builders permit.
Saturday 2 July 2016, 21:55:34
[deleted user]
instead of "crowfundign to get some land" i.e. collecting money and boosting banks? bypass money question. ignore it. no to money. look at the UK law more closely. charities, minority groups, nature conservation reserves, environment projects. how do they get land?
Saturday 2 July 2016, 22:02:44
Sounds good but we need to make sure we know the law inside out to counteract any challenges
Sunday 3 July 2016, 23:21:51
Energy Kool
Well said everybody. Could this work?…
Tuesday 12 July 2016, 09:27:07
I had a thought about a charity the other day but I'm really bad in the area of rights and laws etc. Do charities work with local councils at all? What are parish councils about, are they under a local council? Also say in a town they have areas in that town with councillors, does each area get allocated money that a council person of that area decides what to do with it? I haven't got a clue how this all works and having a look online at the info about it is all just so wordy 😑. I feel it would be good to be able to learn about this process more from someone who has an understanding of the whole thing. Does anyone know a councillor or parish councillor, or is one (clutching at straws here 😮)I'm in uk btw 😊
Wednesday 19 October 2016, 12:25:49
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