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In the UK one of our most loved sports stars [...]

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In the UK one of our most loved sports stars is being dragged into court for a 'racist' 'hate crime' joke, so I wrote a poem about it:

Gazza's Joke

A lad's lad and a pal of pals
With gifted feet that danced for hours,
But childhood tragedy hit him hard
When his best friend was snatched so fast;
Mown down by a motor car,
No final game of footy in the park.
Try to imagine that depth of scar

His traumatised mania found expression in play,
A footballing genius who could joke all day,
He had skills and balance and trickery and swerve,
Like when he juggled the Scots and freekicked for Spurs,
He's a national treasure who gave joy to so many,
We cheered him and laughed but he was crushed by the money,
Imagine being that hurt little lad turned megastar of all of the world,
Riches obscene and adulation, then horrible injuries and drug addiction

When his career was over the attention faded,
A vacuous existence with a struggle for meaning,
He tried his best but his identity had been set
With booze and celebratism and coke in his head:
The lad of lad's and a practical joker,
Giggles and mischief over drinks down the boozer.

We've loved his humour but tis mask for the hurt,
Same with the booze and the drugs and the skirt,
He's been famously struggling with a hurt soul and mind,
For years and years, for all of his life,
And now he cracks a joke we call him 'HATE CRIME!'?

Twas an error of judgement and his taste was poor,
But I chuckled, cos it was funny, that's all,
He meant no offence, he was having a laugh,
Think of the abuse he's took in the past!
Think of the banter he's had on the park!
If joking about each other's differences
Is so racist and hateful then we've lost all perspective,
He was a dumb arse for sure, twas a verbal foul,
But if a man stand in front of me giving me scowl
I'd poke him as well, to see if he smiles,
Much better that than beating him down,

When sick people are tried in court for a joke,
Tis the court should be tried for sickening folk,
They're destroying a man, a global legend,
To set an example and divide the nation,
Gazza ain't racist and I'm sure he don't hate
But the prosecution does and its backed by the state
I like.
Thursday 30 June 2016, 11:58:30
Cheers, a slightly edited version can be found here:…
Thursday 30 June 2016, 12:15:13
Beautiful. You give great depth of meaning, with your use of words, sometimes very few words. I really enjoyed reading them thanks.
Thursday 30 June 2016, 20:00:10
Thanks for that, glad you liked them, I spent so many years ranting and raving about the NWO that putting it to rhyme seemed like natural progression
Friday 1 July 2016, 06:55:05
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