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A chapter from my upcoming book What's To Stop an [...]

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A chapter from my upcoming book What's To Stop an Atheist From Lying on the Witness Stand?:


"Government is a tiny gang that does what it wants to us because our gang is less organized."

― Anam Paiseanta *

* Anam Paiseanta…

You exist in an apocalypse, and don't even know it. How can your environment be nuked on over 2,000 occasions, and not be an apocalypse?! **

** A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion…

Just because "your government" refers to 'em as "tests," doesn't make the radioactive fallout from the detonations conducted on you, disappear. We're all drowning in this necrosis, thanks to our belief in "authority." Brainwashed to conclude exploding these bombs on ourselves was beneficial to us, we've sealed our own coffins.

That's right! The lunatics you call your "leaders" only ordered detonation of those thousands of nuclear devices. It took ignorant soldiers ― credulous contract killers ― to actually turn the keys, and press the buttons that doomed us into this lengthy, lethal cataclysm; this apocalyptika.

Ponder the monumental menticide necessary to coerce people to nuke themselves. You've gotta be so hopped-up on the smack of the brand name "America," you're willing to destroy your kids.

Deadly radioisotopes, associated with these explosions, will be present on this planet ― in some cases ― billions of years. Thus, if they haven't already, whomever detonated these ordnances will eclipse the death toll achieved by Hitler's blind minions during the Holocaust. Not only the current generation, but tens of thousands of eras subsequent will be droppin' like trite flies, thanks to this soldier pushin' that button, and that one turnin' those keys.

Will we know who these mass murderers were? Of course not. They're already forgotten in the annals of "history."

Do you know who detonated the nuclear device during the Ivy Mike "test"? Do you even know there was an Ivy Mike "test"?! What was the name of the soldier ― excuse me, the hired assassin ― who dropped Tsar Bomba? *** ****

*** Ivy Mike…

**** Tsar Bomba…

Fuck if you know, but Terminator 6 is comin' out, and Samuel Jackson prefers his own urine stirred, not shaken, so who gives two shits?!

The illusion you reside in salubrity is perpetuated because you have Starbucks on every corner. Thanks to TV sitcoms, and the sophomoric "jokes" vomited from this drivel, you feel everything's alright. Sports ― better yet, betting on sports ― consumes you. Hence, your mind is released from having to face the fact some of those you pay homage to on Veterans Day, nuked every human on this planet for billions of years.

And who can forget about money? Just chase that useless crap right through Ground Zero, debt slave! As long as you've got enough cash, nothing can touch you. You're fuckin' invincible!

People couldn't give a shit whether they've been delivered this death sentence! They don't care their children are injected into this nightmare. They're not concerned they themselves are culpable, by bringing these innocent lives into this apocalyptika. As long as they're confident Gordon Ramsay reached 10 million subscribers on YouTube, thanks to his burger recipe, they're all set!

Talk about a fun beginning to a book! Who wouldn't wanna read further?!

Then again, who can refute the reality I've just shown you?

Nobody! Folks can desperately generate this "excuse," and that "justification," but they're all horse shit! Cancer was almost unheard of in 1900. After inception of the Atomic Age, it skyrocketed to the horrifying plateau it's reached today.

The above is the knock-out blow to not only send our adversary to the canvas, but shred his head from his body the way Jason did in Friday the 13th Part VIII. *****

***** Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan…

There's no comin' back from that knucklefuck! You can't justify how this fictional ideology called government can order you nuked over 2,000 times, and still love you. Do you nuke your kid?!

If you defend such, put this book down, and shove your head inside Michelle Obama's latest grundel gristle, because you've sided with the enemy. The nemesis that needs you enslaved. The adversary that wants you destroyed, when you no longer have anything to offer it.

Accounts vary, but the general consensus is there are tens of thousands of nuclear weapons currently on this planet. Detonating over 2,000 of those would mean perhaps exploding 15 to 30 percent of the total arsenal.

Since it's often vociferated there are enough atomic weapons on Earth to destroy our species hundreds of times, discharging one third of that cache would result in an apocalypse.

"Wait a minute. All presidents weren't evil. Kennedy was good. Just look what they did to him."

If you insist on repeating this bathetic rhetoric, ask yourself if Kennedy ordered nuclear detonations ― guised as "tests" ― during his administration. Enough fucking said! ******

****** List of United States nuclear weapons tests…

Ufologists waiting for Disclosure are delusional! Disclosure is the confirmation extraterrestrial, or otherworldly, entities exist, and are visiting Earth. So many UFO researchers slave toward a day when government finally admits such.

Disclosure already happened! Most of the populace knows something far more intelligent is interacting with us! We've got more evidence supporting such than we do Oprah is addicted to money!

That's your Disclosure! Why would you need those within government to "confirm" anything? Hegemony has ordered you nuked thousands of times!

Major Donald Keyhoe was shovin' UFOs ― and the myriad of fighter pilots chasin' 'em ― in your face, during the '50s! º ºº It's now 2019, and you're still waitin' for your shitty stepdad ― bureaucracy ― to affirm unidentified flying objects aren't of human origin?! How many decades have you wasted, on stand by, hopin' your primitive patriarch will tell you it's okay to pursue reality?! We're talkin' 70 years, during which we could've understood advanced technology used by whatever UFOs are!

º The Flying Saucers Are Real…

ºº Major Donald Keyhoe Interviewed by Mike Wallace…

Instead, thanks to our paralyzing craving for parental validation, we won't make a move, until the nanny state informs us it's okay to do so. Because of ufologists who still believe in ad verecundiam, governments that don't exist, "countries" that are equally fake, and a system that's killing you, you're gonna continue to wait longer?!

Don't you have enough confidence in yourself? Are you so neurotic you need your abusive parent to tell you when you can take a shit?! You ― the populace ― know you're being interacted with. How does it benefit you to wait around indefinitely for a "sanction" that will never come? Do you need "daddy's" acceptance so badly, you'll allow him to destroy you, to get it?!

Those you call "government" will never disclose the truth about anything, let alone something as important as another cognizant force engaging us. Yet, because you believe "authority" actually exists, and you have to wait for it's stamp of approval, you keep wasting time.

Of course you do! You were abandoned on a desert island we call Earth, amidst this infinitely massive black void, we call space. You have no idea where you are, much less what you are. You're scared, and seeking guidance from anyone or anything claiming to know the way.

At what point does the population ― the offspring ― divorce from the progenitor? You parted from your parents, yet the populace refuses to leave the home, and stand on its own two feet? It still feels it requires the state, in order to survive? It can't wean from the teat, even though the milk dispensed was rancid from inception?

If your dad beats you mercilessly, do you take that terrorism? In this case, the primogenitor ― "authority" ― isn't even your natural patriarch. It's a self-appointed, adopted parent who continues to rape you. Yet, you're gonna willfully comply to its demands, spreading your asshole wide, while it sodomizes you?!

Imperative safety tip: Following the decrees of proven psychopaths will result in your extermination. Having been nuked into an apocalyptika doesn't lie. Over 40 percent of any demographic contracting cancer, as a result, is ironclad validation.

If some other "country" nuked ya' once, you'd demand the U.S. government retaliate, wouldn't ya'? Somehow, though ― for some fucked-up reason ― it's not only okay, but awesome "your government" nuked you?!?

Although the Oxford English Dictionary asserts the phrase nuclear family was introduced into our lexicon in 1925, why didn't this term become popular until 1947? ººº

ººº Nuclear family…

Trinity ― the first atomic detonation conducted by this round of humans ― was perpetrated in 1945. Two years later, four more "tests" had been carried out. One above Hiroshima, Japan; another above Nagasaki; and two more ― Operation Crossroads ― in the Bikini Atolls.

Thus, those studying these "trials" had ample time to determine how lethal this weapon was, and some of the effects it had on humans. As such, is it mere coincidence, shortly after the inception of the Atomic Age, the term nuclear family became widely used?

I comprehend this phrase is purported to mean an immediate clan with a core ― similar to a nucleus. That said, the introduction of this term into popular nomenclature, and the beginning of the Atomic Age, definitely coincide.

Moreover, the fact we're all walkin' around with portions of these "tests" inside us ― and thus, "nuclear" ― makes this moniker appropriate.

On top of this, if core is what you're seeking to stress ― in the case of this type of family ― why not call it that? A core family, as opposed to a nuclear one?

— Hugh Mungus
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