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Caerphilly County Borough
via The Full Circle Project
Neil 7
No one has asked the fundamental question, why is crime on the increase, why are they carrying knives, its a perfect example of cause and effect again, instead of dealing with the cause of crime we are dished out another big spoon of problem, reaction, solution, sack every politician, reform the political system and install human beings who actually give a shit about other human beings🙏
Sunday 11 August 2019, 06:21:02
The political system cannot be reformed. The only way out of this crazy situation is for people to form their own communities based on natural law.
I recently discovered a new social system based on Natural Law. It is called Contributionism. It embodies the Ubuntu Philosophy of caring and sharing skills and resources.
The governing bodies that dominate and control our affairs by creating national and individual debt burdens, are in a crisis because they do not obey the Natural Law.
I believe that living by the Natural law will enable us to put the Banksters out of business and create a prosperous future for all.
This news saved me from my depression.
You can watch the video here -… – Best wishes
Tuesday 13 August 2019, 15:33:31
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