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What Doug is saying Is true . When you use a [...]

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What Doug is saying Is true .
When you use a Microsoft product your supporting a murderer , a lier and a fraud .
His father was the head of Planned Parenthood and if you do your research you will find out what Planned Parenthood is really all about . ( eugenics ) .
Bill Gates is a big time vaccine pusher and for agenda 21 .
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a scam .
Windows operating systems is a window into your private life..
Miicrosoft xbox kinect spies on you whether the game console is on or off ..…

Skype is owned by Microsoft ,so they listen in and watch your conference meeting and steal trade secrets .
Google hangouts is no better they listen and watch everything ,
So if you plan a protest or a meeting they will know and send in some shills .
A quote from Doug
" By the very nature of this site, FC members should not be supporting any of the global cabals systems! "
And this is very true .
Apple is no better they just play the game a little different but same shit .
Thanks to Doug and Fourfingerz , I will never use Microsoft products again .
I'm 100% Linux .
Thanks Doug and Fourfingerz

[deleted user]
Hey, we all are complicit in murder, lies and fraud across the board just from merely voting in a government to look after us. Not using a particular product won't stop this!!
Sunday 9 October 2016, 11:03:08
Steve M
Actually, the problem is that there has been a stupid perpetual system created!

1. The public has been DUMBED DOWN!
2. We are not allowed to own ANY real unregistered assets, and all registered assets are subject to rules that confine, control, and TAX them. BARTER is now technically ILLEGAL, in the US! If I give you a $100 table for 20 hours work, you are getting LESS than minimum wage, but STILL taxed on that $100! If you donate $1000 to a church, and they give you a plaque the US deems is worth $200, you can only claim an $800 donation.
3. Money is considered to have value.
4. They have used the above to amass a huge ARMY. Basically the entirety of government, and limit our ability to defend ourselves.
5. They did this with my great grand parents. my grandparents inherited that like my parents did and I did. There was nothing I could do to defeat that.
6. They are trying to put the finishing touches on this monstrosity. They plan to finish by 2030. The official birthdate is effectively 2015. When they finish, they plan to have ONE world government.

BTW THIS is why they are so angry about BREXIT and why they are threatening so much. I only hope trump gets in office, and does what he claims. I hope the garbage in europe has the effect that has already STARTED. With that happening, the world might turn against the UN and shut this garbage down.

BTW did you hear what happened in north carolina?…
Monday 17 October 2016, 05:06:47
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