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We are the creator. I is We, We are Thee. [...]

Antelope, California
via Prepare For Change
We are the creator. I is We, We are Thee. As well as Thee is we, and we is me. LOL (cosmic giggle) I do not know what I am. The first feeling of what was the "birth" of the universe. From there I expand as well as contract to what feels like no end. "Fear" and "darkness" are the parts of myself I did not understand. Time is fluid like understanding, FEEL IT. All that I am is expanding and contracting at an omni-level. Discovering, creating, and undstanding myself all at once. We are all a part of this process. Expanding and contracting learning we are. If we were to look "outside" our self we would appear as a white whole Go to the "center" and a black hole. Now please rest your mind if you are tired. You must expand and contract as well. Waking and sleeping are a part of this "cycle". LOL It is " " to label things I feel like the quote button is danger. Now I, me, whatever, sees why some "parts" of "us" "appear" "crazy" laughing ALLLLLLL the time. I Know I feel myself so yeah "I'm" going to listen to some music and go to sleep. So shake that off and I'll talk to the rest of me tomorrow. And please everyone ascend laughing. With all our love goodnight.
Hi Joe Joe, this post is so humorous. I am still smiling while writing. I'm new too and your post is the first that I read and boy what fun i realized I am going to like this place. Good night to you too.
Sunday 9 October 2016, 03:12:47
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