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I am not much of a cowboy or dragonslayer, but [...]

Cambridge, Maryland
via The Freedom Cell Network
I am not much of a cowboy or dragonslayer, but I can communicate a bit. One really funny thing - when someone lives a sane, non-indulgent, non-abusive-to-environs, non-greedy-type lifestyle, It's GREAT! It's ADMIRABLE! Unless someone else is IMPOSING IT upon you, in which case WE WILL RIP YOUR HEAD OFF! Here in America... it looks like I'm a few thousand miles from anybody now so you're safe, but I do believe there needs to be some SERIOUS adjustments of expectations. The amount of stuff in the world divided by the number of people... Is flying domestically immoral? That sort of thing. Hey - maybe dragons are ticklish? (Mid-East Coast America)
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