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Call to artists - join me at the Renaissance circle! [...]

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
via Art 4 Renaissance
Call to artists - join me at the Renaissance circle!
[deleted user]
Lucid Turquoise, I welcome this circle and would love to share some of my artwork, but I can't find how to do that. When I go to the Renaissance circle I'm asked to log in, but I am logged in already.
Sunday 16 October 2016, 19:46:51
[deleted user]
Hi Pastinakel. Try to log in again. Or join the Renaissance circle via Log in there then join the circle. I am really looking forward meeting some motivated artists and looking forward to your posts. If this does not work, let me know will have to check with Matt why it does that.
Sunday 16 October 2016, 20:22:47
[deleted user]
I can't do what you suggest me to do, I've tried all that. I'm logged in already and that's where the glitsch exists.
I'm told there's "oops...." an error and when I try again, it's "oops" again. Call for doctor Mat, he might cure it
Sunday 16 October 2016, 21:58:07
[deleted user]
I originally signed up with Prepare for Change, then logged into (same log in), then created the Renaissance circle via I am able to log into all these sites with the same log in. Not sure what the bug will contact doctor Mat... :)
Sunday 16 October 2016, 22:38:41
[deleted user]
Contacted Dr. Mat, he said there was a glitch but all should be fixed now. Try to join and let me know what happens...
Monday 17 October 2016, 18:22:56
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