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Just an interesting side note on the linux/windows debate, and [...]

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Just an interesting side note on the linux/windows debate, and what westwynd said.

UNIX is actually a VERY old system! It was written in the 1960s! In the 1970s the IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers) decided to write a white paper on a STANDARD system, and it was based on UNIX! They called their standard POSIX(Portable Operating System Interface Extensions). In the early 1990s a guy named Linus Torvalds had the crazy idea to create an OS for the 386 CPU. He got it to work, and it was similar to UNIX, but he added third party routines, and had to change various internals to be more UNIX like to be compatible with Xwindows. So Linux is basically UNIX.

MEANWHILE, in the 1970s, a company called Digital Research created a similar product to unix, without the rooting system for the discs or the special posix compatibility, and the slashes going the other way. IT was called CPM. In the later 1970s, a company called Seattle Microworks created a knockoff called CPM 86, as it worked on a new processor called the 8086. A young man, let's call him Trey! After all, that is apparently what his family called him. His Initials WERE WG III after all. Anyway, this guy attended a meeting with IBM. You see, he was known for working with micros, and figured trey had an OS. He DIDN'T! He said he did though. He repackaged CPM 86, and sold it as PCDOS, later renamed MSDOS. IBM based their computer on the 8088, which was basically an 8086 with a multiplexed data bus. So it used the same software.

MEANWHILE, in the early 1980s, a company called apple came up with a system that apparently was a UNIX variant with Xwindows and the XEROX PARC components, They had a company called Microsoft, headed by a guy named WG III(AKA BILL GATES), write some software for it. Gates supposedly was very upset and demanded that his programmers come up with a similar system. The result? MS WINDOWS!
Rema Mercury
Linux/Unix history is fastenating to me, I think getting off "Windows" his a huge step to getting "out of the box". The They want you looking out their little Windows! It's hard to describe the difference in mindset you get once you've switched!
Monday 17 October 2016, 10:32:06
Colin D
What do you guys know about Ubuntu? I am just learning about it. At first I was certain that I wanted a smartphone that ran on that but maybe the software is still kind of being tested and buggy. Maybe I should just put it on my computer.
Friday 4 November 2016, 21:10:18
Rema Mercury
I like Linux Mint as an intro to Linux, it's well supported and easy to use without being as restrictive as Ubuntu (though it's essentially a modded version of Ubuntu).
Friday 11 November 2016, 02:45:43
Linux was always a "reverse engineered" Unix. Microsoft owned it's own commercial version of Unix known as Xenix. It was sold to SCO. (and indeed contained MUCH SCO content PRIOR to Microsoft disposing of it.. So the question is.. Did Microsoft actually develop it? Or did SCO prior to the ultimate purchase. #justwondering)
Thursday 9 February 2017, 16:20:57
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