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A brilliant video one we all need to listen to. [...]

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A brilliant video one we all need to listen to. We are all brainwash from a early age. It's time to break that mold, time for action, time to break away from the conformity!

Actions speak louder then words and videos, we ALL know the corruption but as long as we just sit and talk about it NOTHING will ever change.…
Peace to you all !
How can we change this? - he asks. Start by allowing the teachers freedom to talk about subjects with an open mind (much like on here) and not the curriculum the government places on them to inform the students.
Thursday 20 October 2016, 17:34:50
Prince Ea often seems to have a decent message. But, whats he involved with here? Couldn't help but notice the push for progressive Finnish schools (leaders in sustainable development & Agenda 2030 objectives) and as the giant Finnish corporation Neste (Oil) that is obviously behind this promo says on their site .."the superstar is now the new face of Neste's Pre-order the Future campaign. Over the next 12 months Prince Ea, together with Neste's expert team, will help create a product that will change the life of future generations...." if interested what that future of educations begins to look like from one of the biggest 'sustainable' renewables (including palm oil) go here… and take a look at their other products like "...ThinkEar is a headphone-based entertainment system that offers the least intrusive levels of interaction imaginable. Constantly connected to a cloud brimming with all the audio content you could ever want, the headphones are all you need; there’s no external device or companion apps required.
Its most unique feature? ThinkEar’s UI is controlled by your brainwaves. You simply formulate a command and the integrated EEG reader interprets them....." etc.
Schools are definitely outdated, but is Agenda 2030 the future?
Thursday 20 October 2016, 23:47:24
Very good info, did not know that. The network of global corporate control (AKA NGCC) - Don't you just love'm?
Thursday 20 October 2016, 23:56:23
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