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New to UBUNTU, love the concept, can't wait to spread [...]

Richmond, Michigan
via Ubuntu Planet
New to UBUNTU, love the concept, can't wait to spread the great news. I enjoy educating and learning myself and always have found that I can usually break things down to understandable and relatable to nearly anyone interested. Lately I've been working on a book that will be entertaining and while fictional, based off of historical non-fiction. I would also like to incorporate a society that shares a similar ideology as UBUNTU and hopefully create a new interest in others that come across the eBook online. Anyway, super excited to find like minded individuals to possibly begin formulating ideas to get the word out on a global scale and introduce this sharing contributionalism mentality to as many people as is possible in a short amount of time.
Michael E. V. Knight
Welcome Christian

i do the same thing, simplifying the concepts for people.

Please watch and share the videos here:

Also read this post every day for 30 days, then once a week afterwards, until we live in a Ubuntu Contributionism world:…

If you like please send me a friend request on FB too.

Friday 21 October 2016, 14:33:07
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