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I thought this was a very educational video. What do [...]

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I thought this was a very educational video. What do you think?…
[deleted user]
Couldn't watch it all, but skimmed, I take it the point is that Alex Jones is a shill? That wouldn't surprise me, I'm very skeptical of him. Sometimes I watch, but there's just something not right there, and I don't feel like I can trust him. I don't care enough to dig into why! Maybe it's the sensational nature of his reporting? He never really covers the things that matter.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 02:26:06
I must admit this is point of the video as to why - he is an agent working for the Swiss Octogon Templars.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 19:57:47
[deleted user]
I've also heard he's a Jesuit. He's a bit too Christian-y for me, but I don't know what evidence there is to support these claims. Imagery and symbols do mean a lot to these people, so it wouldn't surprise me to discover that.
Tuesday 1 November 2016, 20:25:59
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