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Thanks to fourfingerz I switched to Ubuntu Mate operating [...]

British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
Thanks to fourfingerz I switched to Ubuntu Mate operating system and ditched Windows .Windows is part of the Cabal that no-one understands , Just the word Windows should tell you something .Microsoft Windows and their operating systems is meant to control and deceive you and suck you into their latest and greatest and get you to pay for shit you don't need . Linux operating systems is totally free with many features that doesn't cost you anything and hard for hackers to attack . I have 3 computers one for Windows which I rarely use only for windows based dvd,s and cd,s , My primary computer is Ubuntu Mate which I use for surfing the net , uploading and downloading and communicating among other features Ubuntu Mate provides , and my third computer is completely off line running Ubuntu Mate with no wifi connection ( I removed the antenna that is behind the monitor ) and use this computer for personal use such as family photos etc .
All sounds like shit I don't need I have a friend that's a software programmer though...he uses Linux to make his own operating systems. I wonder what information people like that are trying to keep so hidden.
Monday 15 May 2017, 05:58:59
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