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Bördeland, Sachsen-Anhalt
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PROPOSAL & INVITATION / 14 – 27 August 2017

We run a 14 days pilot project in August with representatives or volunteers in teams of two from various countries or areas. The teams are given intensive training at the MGT Institute for Consciousness in central Germany. The teams ideally should be representatives from the same area or town. The languages are English and German.

These teams will be trained in all aspects of Ubuntu contributionism. Each team will work out a full plan and strategy for their own area and be prepared to put this into action back home.

This will have a lot to do with steadfast intention and the ability to withstand distractions and alterations of the Ubuntu Contributionism model. Prerequisite is to have read the book Ubuntu Contributionism by Michael Tellinger.

The program will include the following:

• Personal SWOT Analysis
• Ubuntu Knowledge Test Questionaire
• The evolution of Ubuntu Contributionism since its inception
• Ubuntu Essentials Course
• Strengthening Weakness Factors (Integrity)
• Pure Perception
• Holding one’s position
• Public communication and presentation skills
• Dealing with counter-intentions and controlled opposition
• Ubuntu project planning

Every participant will be given an opportunity to receive an intro session using the Universal Imagination Technique ©

The precise dates will be 14 – 27 August 2017, the location Biere, Germany. The website of the MGT Institute for Consciousness is

Due to the needed personal attention there is a max. number of participants of 5 teams i.e. 10 participants in total.

The total cost for the two weeks will be EUR 1200 per person, room and board included, to be paid at least two weeks before the start of the training. (10% of the training fee will be donated to the UBUNTU movement)

The team chosen may – if needed - be financed by the rest of the UBUNTU community of that country or area.

Contact Magdalena for details and bookings at

Sincerely, the MGT Team,
Caspar, Claudia and Magdalena…
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