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Hello everybody. Anticipating some very intelligent conversations, along with learning [...]

Eatonville, Washington
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Hello everybody. Anticipating some very intelligent conversations, along with learning a thing or two.
Paedophiles are the most forward in my mind. I'm genuinely afraid of the PTB legislating child abuse to be an acceptable behavior. It is not ever acceptable, not ever, by anyone.
Even if the American Psychiatric Association supports the notion that paedophilia is a sexual inclination like heterosexual, homosexual, or asexual.
Stealing innocence, it's just pure evil. Does not matter what hat you wear. Pontiff's pointy or baseball.
If you mess with children, we've got a problem.
Gary H
Jennifer Freyd wrote a great book called Betrayal Trauma which proves that children who are sexually used by those who they depend on for survival forget the events by dissociating. These dissociated parts of the personality can take years to re-integrate, and in the meantime, the used person can have a lot of horrible symptoms and inexplicable problems. It's really a horrible thing to do to someone. (It's an epidemic in America.)
Thursday 2 July 2015, 14:56:00
Gary H
It's not clear to me (or Dr. Freyd) why some victims remember their abuse and some don't.
Thursday 2 July 2015, 15:01:19
Misty B
I couldn't agree with you more, Tobd. I suffered every kind of abuse until I was 15, from my bio-dad. The most heinous things done to the most innocent should never be thought as acceptable. Gary, everything you said as well. I dissociated myself from the sexual parts and to this day don't recall much. I have had dreams about it and a lot of issues because of it. Honestly, I'm glad I don't remember much. i feel the mental anguish of what I do know is the reason. Maybe I subconsciously know I could not take any more memories. This is unfortunately something that I haven't been able to start to heal from until recently and I'm 42 now. I'm not sure the effects of it will ever leave me. But with all I'm now learning, I'm starting to believe that this life on earth is just one of many journeys we have and will make in a constant flow of energy that is taking us from one demention to the next.
Peace and Love to all
Thursday 2 July 2015, 22:17:24
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