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On ways to live - A manifesto for civilisation. [...]

Pattingham, Staffordshire
via The Full Circle Project
On ways to live - A manifesto for civilisation.

2 statements to consider

i: "The civilisation of a society is equal to its capacity for mercy". (Paraphrased from the film 'Midnight Express' 1971)

ii: The capacity to be hospitable defines the level one has achieved to be civilised. This is one of the primary themes in all ancient mythologies I have encountered - such as the Nyall Saga, The Mahabharata, myriad Zen stories, for example, by Paul Reps in 'Zen Flesh, Zen Bones', replete through 'the peoples', that is the native inhabitants of what is now called the Americas, contemporaneously documented history and mythology, countless Celtic stories, the Grail Romances and so on.

Time and again we witness and hear the admonitions of bankers, educationalists, politicians and other false authority figures that our purpose is to compete, to acquire wealth, power and influence over others so that we can luxuriate in our fate and control that of others. Materialist thinkers may proffer the 'hostile nature' viewpoint and that nature has no intrinsic value other than that which 'man' imparts to it by giving it utility. So here we skip from the megalomaniacal/psycopathic/scarcity prophets to a species of 'consciousness' that has half of it, the matriarchal nurturing abundant natural side, shut down so they can't perceive the subtlety of intelligence and benign forces in nature. Their world is one of solid objects and 'hard' control of the environment which is a form of psychic malady and results in commodification - and look where that's got us.

But let's imagine - if our societies were centered around hospitality, that we were driven, amongst other benign things, to create, conserve, store up and generate wealth and means in order to be hospitable - to share insights, pleasures, experiences and wisdom - and, like the older cultures, this principle was a source of standing and honour for each of us and the whole society, according to our capacity? This principal has roots in the endless 'chain of being', ancient philosophy of holism before it was called that - where it was a priori that everyone and everything is connected, and that the fate of one is bound up in the fate of all. The cosmic drama of devolving forces versus evolving forces, dark and light, was well known. Some cultures even believed (and still do) that all is benign and there is no darkness, such as the Bwiti tribe/culture (a view which I have not, as yet, fully come to terms with).

I personally embrace advanced technology which is harmonious with nature. I believe such technology to be abundant but largely hidden. I believe that if 'we', establish it, and therefore banish energy problems and scarcity politics mindset - we begin on an immeasurably interesting journey that will take us toward potential enlightenment. It is perhaps the most pressing issue along with availability to the abundance of natural resources which are overwhelmingly being poisoned and stolen by corporations and the malicious.

Just a stone in the water here... Peace - Seb
PS - where are our engineers, scientists, savants and technologists - can we get a base of these people together to start working on theoretical projects that we can put in place once the means become available? Seb
Sunday 5 July 2015, 10:32:36
Audi One Vision
You will find most of them stuck in their right brain....I hear what you are saying and I am all for it.......recruit, recruit, recruit :)
Sunday 5 July 2015, 17:46:56
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