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What Color Is Your Consciousness? True equality is not material, but [...]

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What Color Is Your Consciousness?

True equality is not material, but is the indelible truth of who you are as part of the totality of Creation.

Compassion for another human being regardless of race, socioeconomic status or mental/physical state requires an emotional intelligence and maturity that most people will not achieve within their lifetime.

We could blame our educational system, culture and conditioning, and even the ongoing oppression by a few, but we would be wrong to do so. The world is merely a reflection of the fundamental misunderstanding that continues to perpetuate human servitude and suffering – the belief that we are separate from one another.

Another name for what ails humanity is Separation Consciousness. Since the physical third dimension consists of up and down as well as high and low, mankind’s primitive mindset has it that due to the appearance of space and time, you and I are not connected. Yet, how can this be? Where does the thread that binds us together begin and where does it end?

The belief in separation is so entrenched in culture and sub-cultures, social systems and even religion, that it has been the excuse to treat each other as undervalued and disposable depending on the ideals of the day. There is no act of violence where inequality (the thought of separation) is not at the root.

What is Equality?

Where does true equality arise? It arises from within. If you do not recognize the interconnectedness between you and me and the world we live in within you, you will not see it outside of yourself. True equality is not material, but is the indelible truth of who you are as part of the totality of Creation.

You can begin to nurture an expanded self-awareness by cultivating mindfulness. Being mindful means to intentionally pay attention to or put your focus on something. Mindful living is living your life consciously, awake and present on a daily basis. Rather than reacting habitually, on automatic pilot without thought and choice, you begin to live your life on purpose and from the heart.

There are those individuals that have transcended education and man-made conditions by looking within to find the unity of all life that is the true nature of the Universe. This is the reward of mindfulness. Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama and even John Lennon have asked each one of us to imagine and examine the world from the inside out and to see life for what it truly is – not us and them, but we.

Of the same source, there is no part of Creation that is more or less valuable than any other. Once this is understood internally, it can then be experienced externally as your conduct in the world begins to build a new reality for yourself and others. Even if others around you do not see that what you do for another you also do for yourself, it is imperative that you remain steadfast within the larger picture or universal prime directive of our oneness.

King himself said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Trumping race is the strength of character you display as your behavior when you interact with the rest of the world.

Responsibility + Integrity = Sustainability:

Synonymous with responsibility and sustainability is integrity. Becoming mindful as to whether your choices unite or divide, ask yourself if you are choosing proactive sustainability or destructive reactiveness. The right choice makes you an enabled and empowered human being, transcending skin color and the outdated beliefs of others.

The invitation is to remain steadfast within the seat of personal courage even when others around you lose their way. By this, you lead in no greater way. Being the first to change, you change the world. With new awareness of what is no longer working, the arising leader in you realizes to fight darkness with darkness bears the same fruit. Instead, be the light. Others cannot help but see your example. The time is upon us to live fearlessly and choose courageously as we were born to do.

What Color Is Your Consciousness?

Nothing can exist without your support. Humanity will advance much more quickly toward ending the wars both private and public. Creating the world we know is possible when we let go of separation consciousness for the rewards of unity consciousness. You are the one the world is waiting for. Will you answer the call?
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