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Philosophical abstractions are often a luxury that the poor, which [...]

Pattingham, Staffordshire
via The Full Circle Project
Philosophical abstractions are often a luxury that the poor, which is now the majority of the worlds population, cannot afford. Freedom from bondage has to be a full spectrum experience, because freedom in essence is the absence of restrictions of any kind. It is this emotional intelligence' balanced with right brained rationale and the combining of many other cognitive faculties, many of which we have not yet developed or have only accessed briefly and unconsciously that creates the boundaries and the mode of our action in the cradle of compassion and benign consciousness.

It has always been the responsibility whether moral, humane or spiritual, for those that are enabled, to enable others - this is not an abstraction, this is not new age guff and ducking responsibility through sophistry and cerebral 'sleight of hand'. Compassion, behoves the humane, the spiritual, the benignly conscious to act to help our fellow beings - there is no compromise in this. Much of this is concrete on the material plane as this is where our vehicles operate and need to be sustained. And of course there are endless amounts of pontificators, and soothsayers, distraction artists that whether fooled by their own slippery ego's (a thing which is almost impossible to master, and should thus be taken with the UTMOST seriousness) or playing out any manner of intricate psychological melodramas, or otherwise - will try their damnest to avoid issues, to avoid reality, to avoid justice, to avoid giving mutual empowerment. The majority of spiritual people I've met in my life are actually very selfish and self preservationist - they gorge themselves on 'pure foods' that are neither pure, nor feed their spirits, but they censure the facts so they can keep on with their bourgeois new ageism. They resent the truth, they are wed to illusion. They need hours alone, hours of meditation, hours of self ponderance and navel gazing - if they don't get it, they sulk and become bad tempered and otherwise beahve badly and often begin revealing their rather less prissy alter ego's. In this regard, I have found Max Igan, Mark Passio and many other 'real' human beings to be a welcome antidote to this 'spiritual chicanery'.

Great teachers, and decent human beings act as well as share benign thoughts. My friends, my family as you are, you have been brought here not by a sense of supreme peace and a purely cossetted life. If ever you had that, it has been destroyed or is being threatened, you are here because you see the disasters unfolding, you reel at the injustice, you have been kicked into action by the violence of the state and corporations - you have become more wise. YOU know that what befalls your brother or sister anywhere across existence has a bearing on the quality of your being - you know both spiritually and ultimately in the physical realm - we are all connected - that is why this is called the Full Circle - we are coming back to ourselves, our recognition of the sacred circle the point, the bond - oneness. And what does this oneness mean - so many of you here have said in so many different and beautiful ways, like a kaleidoscope of benign possibilities - you have brought so much good intent to gather here. The story of Jesus smashing up the money lenders in the temples purposed to worship the divine I do not take as a metaphor - its not that we take to the streets to do such - but the principle holds true, the phantasmogorical money system must be replaced. There are many systems that can achieve this - all will have currencies issued without debt being inherently laden. But value itslef must be examined and better understood - quality, too. I feel that like in Theatatus and Pirsig's one and only masterpiece, 'Zen and the Art...' these matters were beginning to be addressed. In any case, we have time enough for the great and the good to refine and define these matters, and in a sense 'we the people' are being forced to re define these due to the devastation of our lives and all that we were taught to depend on.

There were a high proportion of financial 'freedomers' during the 90's that tried to connect fiscal wealth to the notion of freedom, happiness and even liberty. But I soon found out that its advocates left 90% of the worlds people behind. It is an Ayn Rand type (I think convoluted anal self interest and at the expense of others one that is essentially conscience free and has in many ways lead to the logic and reality of the global competitive slaughterhouse that the majority are faced with). Even the formidable Paul Santisi says that he is here to help the able become more able - at least he's honest about it. When will some of us learn that this self interested, me, me, me, ego centric mindset is the cause of ruin? One can only hold onto this notion for a few cardinal reasons,

1. they believe in scarcity and therefore we have to fight for resources to survive/comfortably
2. they believe that the capacity to acquire resources is the right of those who are 'smart' enough to do it - this to a large extent either embodies the notion of scarcity or is by its nature bound to try and generate it
3. they believe that they have the right to have more than others, an inflated sense of entitlement which like a cancer, snowballs into an implacable greed
4. they are just psycopathic and enjoy diddling people out of 'common wealth' - they are never satisfied with their lot and only feel momentarily satiated when they see that others have less or suffer in contrast to their own opulence.

But what these materialist and self aggrandising thinkers do not quite get is the ultimate logic the commodification of virtue, of beauty, of wisdom, of sex, of children of innocence of inspiration such that these sacred things are devalued and actually - the very qualities they seek to modify - disappears into the numinous - voila!

When will they understand that THE GAME IS UP - there are no more virgin forests to deforest on the scale that we have already done
there are no more unpolluted oceans or pristine wildernesses unthreatened - we've poisoned everything
there are no more El Dorado's from which to steal

Friends, I take strength and sustenance the kindness and humanity I read and sense in many of your posts, here - keep the good work up. I hope I speak for everybody here when I say that we are for justice for everyone, not the few. NO MORE TRICKS - we've reached the end of the road of chosenness, exceptionalism, princess programming and those alluring whispers in the ear that if we comply, we'll be looked after when the dust finally settles. Such mischief makers and deceivers should take heed of what I say - "brother, there ain't gonna be anything left worth having this time - fool me once - but now we're immune to your gold-digger scams - BEGONE!"

Love to all - Seb

Misty B
I'm so elated to know my thoughts and feelings are not just my own!!
Monday 6 July 2015, 03:30:22
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