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Someone asked a number of days ago about the number [...]

Chanhassen, Minnesota
via The Full Circle Project
Someone asked a number of days ago about the number per group. I remember 15 as being the maximum; I don't remember the ssource but was probably from my education days.
?That doesn't mean you can't have additional circles radiating out from those. Like take five from that group and have five more circles, etc.
Remember the success of Occupiy Wall Street in that it's best not to have leaders; this stems back to the 60's; See Newsroom for a good dramatic piece about OWS.
Hello Janet. There are various 'models' for groups to function well. The FCP website will dedicate space to giving some examples and getting feedback. One format that works well is indeed a cirlce of 5, or various circles of 5 as you yourself suggest. This number allows for a more intimate exchange; it can reach conclusions more quickly and can be infiltrated far less easily. The principle concern of the FCP is to have DECENTRALIX
Monday 6 July 2015, 19:22:52
Ups...cant edit ?? that should be DECENTRALISED groups with their own local 'flavour'. operating according to their own dynamic yet still able to tap into the FCP fro reference, advice, support and guidance. You will see where groups naturally overlap and successful approaches to principal problems (opportunities) can be re=enforced by grouping together when appropriate. Hope this helps and additional info will be available on the site. blessings, Louise
Monday 6 July 2015, 19:28:08
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