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Conservatives represent "the state". We the public are "the nation". [...]

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Conservatives represent "the state". We the public are "the nation". When the state makes legislations that harm the nation, it becomes a matter of national security, and such states should then be made accountable. We have over 10,000 cases of injured parties due to state legislations. This is a TERRORIST threat to national security. The state is refusing to be held accountable. We are in a civil conflict, state vs nation. That is the current standing. Pop quiz: What do we do? We unite, sure...but then what? Lobby the state with a clear set of questions? Or do we just storm the gates in our millions?

THAT IS HOW BAD THIS IS. Let's wake up and deal.
This is a UK post...but a global issue.
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 18:00:36
In a sense we who are prepared to act on our beliefs for justice and fairness - in other words, global reset, have to develop and add guerrilla style tactics to our cache of strategies. We have to be able to act, then move on at times undetected, depends on what suits the objective. We have to be able to be 'active' whilst on the move, mobilise at short notice and spontaneously where appropriate, as well as have a broad range of ideas and techniques to be effective in influencing events in varied circumstances. Many of us already do this, but some of us are tied down. Our task is broad and deep, perhaps we have to become the same. Glad to know you are uncompromisingly aware - from what I can see ... obviously there are infinite layers of knowledge and challenges, but I guess that's what we're here for. I think Joe Cocker hit it on the head at Woodstock - 'With a little help from my friends', and we should not forget Richie Havens and the other icons either .... Peace, strength, unity - Seb
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 18:28:25
Hi Mutlee. Great point and well expressed. This is exactly the type of situation Max and crew are seeking to address and it is within the legal fiction itself that remedy can be found. There is a process whereby we can turn around the legal fiction to make individuals accountable for the Abuse of Office they commit. The steps are being simplified and defined to use as one of the principle tools at the FCP. So, this partially answers your very important 'what next' question.... more to come on the site.
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 22:56:53
Audi One Vision
Mutlee, Lula - Great to meet you here and I resonate with your reality, beliefs and perception. Mutlee check out this broadcast and run with it mate, I am happy to support your movement on this topic and area of concern. Watch the video and link up with the UK based awesome guy that is interviewing Max. this is how I have been posting this across various social platfoms - For Anyone That Supports Max Igan Please Join Me At His Latest Project Called. The Full Circle Project - - Register Now And Join The Community And Let's Do Some Serious Work Together Locally And Globally. My User Name Is Audi One Vision.

Watch "Max Igan New Venture The Full Circle Project July 2015"
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 09:10:07
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