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This is how I have been posting this across various [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
This is how I have been posting this across various social platfoms:

For Anyone That Supports Max Igan Please Join Me At His Latest Project Called. The Full Circle Project - - Register Now And Join The Community And Let's Do Some Serious Work Together Locally And Globally. My User Name Is Audi One Vision.

Follow The Link To Register, Join The Community And Participate As Life Is Not A Spectator Sport -
This is great AOV, really. Can I just suggest one thing as we need to be clear...FCP is not a movement to join, nor to sign up to. It is a resource hub or mechanism or vehicle to CONNECT WITH others. I'm not being pedantic, honestly...the words are really important. As I have been working with folks behind the scenes for months now, i can't emphasise the need to take care with how we are using words. Also, Max would be the first to remove himself from the FCP. Yes, he voiced an idea waiting to happen...and he remains a very vital participant like all those stepping up to participate. But he really insists he not be seen as leading this project or that it is 'his' in any way. That said, its a great initiative on your part to invite people along to connect to FCP in any capacity they are able. Blessings, Louise (privileged to be coordinating FCP and spinning the wheels:-)
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 16:36:17
Audi One Vision
wow......just delete all the posts that may cause harm or problems for Max as that isn't my intent. If there was a delete button I can click on I would but I can't. i understand and will refrain from posting it anywhere from today onwards. Thank you for the heads up on the sensitivity and social politics :)
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 17:23:09
Audi One Vision
Lula - Just so we are clear. My intention was to raise numbers, because for a quantum shift to take place it requires numbers to balance the scale according to universal law. It requires numbers of coherent collective consciousness to excelerate the natural universal process to take place, time is running out and needs more energy, will and work for us to contribute to change, a lot of money and resources are being spent to prevent this shift in consciousness to take place here on earth. Its on our door step now.
Wednesday 8 July 2015, 18:19:12
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