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I am an independent researcher and a realist who is [...]

Eaton, Northern Territory
via The Full Circle Project
I am an independent researcher and a realist who is passionate about research, realistic proff and evidence as my compass for seeking the truth. I don't blindly believe anyone or anything, however I am always willing to listen to all with and open my mind as the basis of my approach otherwise our own beliefs, perceptions and programming make it impossible to seek truth. I watch and listen to many various mainstream speakers in the alternative community and I am concerned about the lack of attention and even mention of Nibiru / planet X. I am past the stage of getting bogged down or stuck in rabbit holes as one needs to go down many many holes and very deep as part of their individual awakening process. My research indicates that the facts, evidence and proof is mounting to an undissputed level. I understand how the enemy of humanity use rabbit holes and or fear mongering to distract us and to generate fear, however this is getting to the point of clear visual evidence to the man on the street. Is anyone willing to discuss or entertain this thought in an open, investigative manner and willing to connect the dots with what has been going on on the ground and beneath the ground by governments globally. The main ones being China, Australia, America, European countires etc. It just makes sence to me to focus on a topic that has the potential to destroy our planet with eveidence of this destruction throughout ancient history from all cultures and geographic location. I believe that anything that threatens our existance as a species and planet as we know it today deserves a few minuutes of thought because everything we are fighting for will not exist as we know it. So there for all that we love and fight for will be destroyed. A sign of an intelligent person is one who can entertain a thought with and open mind without believing it. Thoughts anyone??????
i have done some research on planet X and i'm not to woried about it as this planet would have passed earth over 100,000 times and we are still here. I think this is just a fear, decoy and distract campaign.
Thursday 9 July 2015, 12:12:14
the fact that the bible mentions planet X has set off an alarm bell for me and that it is another part for the new world order.
Thursday 9 July 2015, 12:50:26
i think open mind should watch "the golden web"and "holographic disclosure"not saying everything is truth,but surely peaces of it,Icke saying it with his words...
Monday 13 July 2015, 16:06:55
guess this pont in time occurs constantly,lot of effort is put to get society to this dumbed sick state,all of it by our free will,hell we even asked for it.
Monday 13 July 2015, 16:10:33
and one for the thinking:is this the final point in this hologram reality,last chance for change
Monday 13 July 2015, 16:21:20
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