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Looking to connect with other Circlers located in NE NY [...]

Saratoga Springs, New York
via The Full Circle Project
Looking to connect with other Circlers located in NE NY who would like to share experience and strategize how we can empower each other
Locking it down here in Philly.
Monday 1 February 2016, 14:29:42
how far down the abyss are you people in America mate
Monday 1 February 2016, 15:37:27
It blows... When you are awake, you see it everywhere... And when you open your mouth, people think you are nutz... It's Fuct. But I do see some winds of change but to tell you the truth... We can't do this alone. We need help. I'm fighin' my balls off though.
Monday 1 February 2016, 16:48:45
yeah the world is very different when you have the co-ordinates and can see what is hidden the human race are like sheep in a field and the lions are creeping up on them
Monday 1 February 2016, 17:06:19
have they declared martial law in any states yet
Monday 1 February 2016, 17:08:36
We are in a global foxhole.
Monday 1 February 2016, 17:09:00
I heard in Cali but I don't have any real news on it. They just lie about everything. Jade Helm went over with nothing... At least as I know.
Monday 1 February 2016, 17:11:04
I do believe they are about to collapse the global economy again very shortly didn't they close the walmarts?
Monday 1 February 2016, 17:43:57
Yeah they closed down a couple hundred Walmarts. It's coming alright. Everyone is dropping the dollar. I have some things stored I live in the city so I need to watch out. I won't be able to leave if SHTF. I have a lot of friends who are also on the same tip so things should be ok. I think I can do a week or so.
Monday 1 February 2016, 20:19:11
The plan has always been to collapse the dollar mate to trigger another economic catastrophe ww3 and cashless society on way if people dont stand up to this
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 09:17:17
Once they collapse the 2nd ammendment i fear for american people
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 09:21:43
Hi Ecolocal, I'm closish and would be happy to hitch down for a meet up once the weather becomes a bit more accommodating. You are welcome here anytime. There are a few people in this area but so far no one has actually followed through. As for GF and Jason, Jade Helm has been going on for a while now- overhead instead of on our doorsteps. We already have a military regime in place as the number of cops continue to grow, armed and ready to subdue. Not that there is much resistance, that has been dealt with in other ways. I'm glad I don't live in an urban area but the country is infested too.
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 11:30:34
Do you guys know Adam Kokesh?
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:01:48
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:01:52
I played an Art game with him while he was in jail. He rocks. Oh we are standing up for sure here in Philly. The 2nd amendment will no be infringed.
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:03:05
Well... I just now found this... We shall see...…
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:22:25
Although... I'm not religious at all... so... Who knows kids. Something is going on and we just shall wait and see. Sorry about the multi posts. The site is jiggy over here
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:24:14
God save us from religio

Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:46:18
God save us from religio

Tuesday 2 February 2016, 14:46:20
[deleted user]
Hey Amanda great to hear there's progress being made for a circle meet up in your area. I'm sure if you both keep communicating regularly a meet up will happen soon.very exciting x Carla
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 13:19:54
Yeah adam kokesh is cool
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 14:57:25
Adam has Big Balls.
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 15:12:31
Haha yeah he done a great speech about tyranny
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 16:29:06
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