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The World Citizen Solutions campaign has only 65 hours left [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
via The Full Circle Project
The World Citizen Solutions campaign has only 65 hours left to run. The initial target has been reached which means this project is now definitely going to happen. Every extra little bit we can raise in the next 65 hours will really make a big difference, so let's have one last push to see how much more we can raise. Please share…
I couldn't give much but every dollar counts and we have to be prepared to do more than tap keyboards to bring this evil regime down. Please give what you can.....
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 00:05:51
[deleted user]
Looks like they made it to their goal, congratulations! I can't wait to see what comes out of this project.
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 02:40:51
[deleted user]
$96,561USD raised by 1,215 people in 1 month. 17hrs left. I received a thank you e-mail yesterday which felt really nice. Glad to be part of this. Can't wait to hear more details. Did I see something about us receiving an invitation soon or something?
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 15:29:49
You did indeed Fred....invited round to the Houses of Parliament for a evening of Molotov delightful :D
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 16:50:49
Mat, I'd love to see your crowdfunding campaign supported here too. World Citizens Solutions hit it's mark and we now need you to be focused on Full Circle and the larger Coeo. Please post your video and pin it up. Much love bother. :)
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 21:30:48
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