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I would love to participate in any way to bring [...]

Champlin, Minnesota
via Ubuntu Planet
I would love to participate in any way to bring this planet to a reality that money doesn't exist and we do things based on our given talents and joys so life doesn't feel like a slave labor camp. I've always had this passion and was told by others to be unrealistic. I don't believe in weapons of any kind to exist even verbal. I believe we were all put hear to learn to work with one another in harmony to have a happy, sustainable, productive, healthy and well informed life. Thank you.
Yes! :)
Monday 1 February 2016, 21:24:03
but isn't it wonderful: all of us 'unrealistic dreamers' are getting together and doing it!
Tuesday 2 February 2016, 01:17:47
I must agree... very, very wonderful for all of us 'unrealistic dreamers!
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 01:24:15
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