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This is a circle for all things Ubuntu in India. We [...]

Mumbai, Maharashtra
via Ubuntu - India
This is a circle for all things Ubuntu in India.
We will discuss everything that relates to Ubuntu in India, like community building, creation of political parties etc.

This circle will also serve as a place where people from India can interact and share ideas. You don't have to he in India to join this circle.

I believe that this will help the Ubuntu movement to grow in India and help create the world of abundance that we all desire.
Robin T
Hi all. M new to
Ubuntu planet
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 09:24:05
Hi Robin. Good to see more people joining Ubuntu
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 15:44:13
Ali G In Da Blouse
Sounds Beautiful Ma Bratherz <3
Thursday 18 February 2016, 16:16:47
Good work!
Monday 29 February 2016, 15:38:46
Tuesday 5 July 2016, 16:58:16
Hi. Just joined. Are there any active Ubuntu communities in India right now? Place that i can visit?
Sunday 24 July 2016, 10:55:09
We are getting together a coure team of people who are going to drive the movement forward in India. Ubuntu communities will be set up here very soon. If you would like to get involved, let me know.
Sunday 24 July 2016, 15:33:53
Mentally it is a 110% comitment. Is there a guide on how to get involved? Guess i have to be there directly to contribute right?
Monday 25 July 2016, 06:58:42
Are there any ideas you have in mind Pranit? do share. Im a regular employeed bloke with wife and 2 kids. i love to escape this holographic economic madhouse im in.
Monday 25 July 2016, 08:03:52
We're setting up a core team of people in India who will drive the Ubuntu movement forward. I've sent you a private message. Let's get in touch and get this going in India
Monday 25 July 2016, 10:23:30
jayesh b
i also want to join
Sunday 9 July 2017, 20:06:59
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