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I don’t do this very often, but today I feel [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
via The Full Circle Project
I don’t do this very often, but today I feel compelled to express my personal position on a particular topic. There are not many things which I am certain about, but let me say here and now that I am absolutely certain that the Earth is NOT flat. I know this with certainty not because I have a masters degree in physics, or from information which I have been told by the media, NASA or anyone else, but from observations I make every day with my own eyes. Everything I observe is 100% consistent with the widely accepted globe model; from my observations of the sun, moon and stars (only this morning I watched the sun rise over the sea and the full moon setting in the opposite direction), weather patterns and the ships I see from my office window disappearing over the horizon. I have NEVER observed anything which contradicts the accepted model. In contrast, many things I observe are simply impossible in any flat earth model and can only be explained by the globe model.

I have already wasted far too many hours trying to reason with “Flat Earthers” and have concluded that reasoning with these people has the opposite effect. The more you point out the problems with their models the more they ignore all logical reasoning and become even more attached to their belief. I think these are people who have a psychological need to be different. They are so driven by this need that they have been drawn to the topic which is most radically different from the majority view.

I think there is a very high probability that the relatively recent emergence of this topic is a psychological operation to divide and discredit our entire “movement”. And it pains me to say that it is clearly working. To be blunt, I despair that there are people amongst us who’s need to feel special has so overwhelmed any logical reasoning skills to the point that they can have been duped into believing such a clearly ridiculous idea.

This is a free speech platform and I have no intention of censoring any views or blocking certain users, however I think it is important for everyone here to be aware of the problems this is causing.We now have a situation where significant and credible organisations and movements are reluctant to collaborate with us because they see the posts here and associate us as being some kind of “flat earth community”. I also think we are losing many potential new members for the same reason. I don’t know what the solution is… I certainly have no intention of wasting more of my precious time debating the topic itself, but I will read with interest any views and suggestions as to how we, as a community, can avoid losing credibility due to the persistent views of a small minority.
Shawn H
Sorry Matt. That's called perspective of what you watched this morning. I myself don't have a degree in anything. I too have the power of observation. Are you familiar with magnets and their toroidal field? I suggest you try doing the math of the curvature of the earth. Just doesn't work. Look at our largest rivers in our word such as the Nile. Miles and miles long,but straight as can be. If there were a curve? Explain the two rivers. East to west another north to south. If there were a curve think of the centre of that river like a bow. If I curve both ends it represents the both sides of that river. One side would be uphill other side downhill. Not trying to cause a dispute. Maybe just give you a different perspective . Have a great day. Ask questions always. Everything you see is an illusion in this world. Keep searching my friend. Does consciousness exist if there's no one there to witness it? Just some food for thought.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 19:02:23
[deleted user]
A good set of points . But why is it such a controversial subject. I mean I see stuff on aliens and shape-shifters etc. and how Hitler had it right, and yet people accept these topics or ignore them. I have in the past defended those who wish to propose FE only because they have generally been abused by a small minority without any back up from the rest of this platform.

I too am not prepared to discuss it with anyone because its pointless. Max has declared it a psyop so there you go. everyone fall in.

I have followed FE as others will know from the start as I wanted to see how it developed just to check if we are all delude about everything and being conned. The jury is still out.

You know there are those who say we live in a computer simulation and they could be right however everyday of my life I see evidence of my mortal self.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 19:22:20
Shawn H
It all works on what your intensions are. That's the facts. Everything begins as a thought before form.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 19:28:12
Shawn H
Aliens, simulator,space. All hearsay. No proof of anything. It's not until you put yourself in others shoes do you become one with each other.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 19:29:28
Shawn H
Globe earth means everything came about by chance. Flat earth means we, it , everything was and has been created
Saturday 7 October 2017, 19:30:28
Mat Dowle
I really didn't want to get into a debate on the topic but...

Shawn, if the sun appearing at sunrise was a result of perspective, the sun would appear smaller at sunrise/sunset than it does in the middle of the day... from my observation, this is not the case and the sun appears the same size at all times.

As the river curves around the globe, it is always parallel to the surface of the earth (i.e. neither uphill or downhill but level) at that point. Ironically, on a flat earth model, gravity would pull the water towards the centre of the disc which really would actually cause the surface of rivers/oceans to be uphill towards the north pole.

Llanrog, the difference with things like aliens and shape-shifters is that there is very little evidence either proving or disproving them, so they are subjects of genuine debate. Whereas there is a vast amount of evidence for a globe model and zero evidence for a flat earth. In fact, there is a large amount of evidence which conclusively makes a flat earth model impossible, so unlike aliens and shape-shifters, it is not debatable. We may well live in a computer simulation, but that simulation is constrained by rules (just as any computer program is) and they are called the laws of physics. By those rules, a flat earth is impossible in the "output" of the simulation which we experience.

And herein lies the problem... I have just spent 10 minutes writing this which is 10 minutes that I could have been working on the very long list of things I need to do.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 19:57:40
Shawn H
Hey Matt. No debate. Just our own findings. As you say the waters would be pulled to north or south poles. Would you not agree that water on a spinning ball would be only or mostly around the equator ? As far as the sun. If you believe it's 90 million miles away, then I suggest you keep your eyes to the skies and use your own common sense. Don't go on the blind faith of others hear say findings. I'm assuming you know why we can't go back to the moon also?
What I do know for sure. Is that we all have been lied to, and it's taking all of us to wake each other up.
So far I'm unsure if awake has the same meaning for you, and myself or others?
Are you aware of what's happening on this planet??
To be honest your first comment made I believe was to stir the hornets nest. I can tell by talking with you, you are still going on blind faith, or maybe submerged into the complex living of this matrix living.
Just remember. From thought to form. Science and spirituality have merged. Fiction has become fact, and fact fiction. It's a strange time. A time where love and light are needed not conflict.
I appreciate your views and yourself. Keep keeping on!,
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:15:53
[deleted user]
Don't waste your time on me I'm only a subscriber and occasional patron.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:17:21
Shawn H
HI IIangrod. Sry. Don't mean to leave you out. I believe Hitler and all of it are connected.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:20:07
Shawn H
Strange how everything points to Antarctica isn't it?
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:20:35
Shawn H
Sry for spelling your name wrong.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:21:09
[deleted user]
okay cool
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:23:41
[deleted user]
It definitely is a psy-op Mat, and there's no dialogue possible with any of the cult individuals. Thanks for pointing it out as I tried to debate with the poster to no avail, like you, I have no interest in the debate of this subject.. Sadly it clutters the feed almost like spam and a waste of the site's resources..
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:36:07
Mat Dowle
llanrog, your participation here is very much appreciated, I only meant to say that my time is better spent on other things (like improving the functionality of this website). Please don't think you are not appreciated here (and that is the case for everyone here).
Shawn, I'm genuinely interested to know what observation you have made that suggests to you that the sun is not 90 million miles away because I have seen nothing to suggest that is not the case. I agree we have been lied to about many things, but the shape of the earth is not one of them. Yes, I am very aware of what is happening on this planet... I'm not new to all this which probably helps me to see the psyop for what it is. I brought the topic up only because the presence of all the flat earth posts here has meant that other organisations and movements are now reluctant to collaborate with us because they see FCP as a "flat earth community" and I know potential new members are deciding not to join for the same reason. The psyop is working just as they intended.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:37:42
[deleted user]
We are cool Matt so don't concern yourself. Just one point and then I'm out of here. Show me one solid bit of evidence for aliens or shape-shifters.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:43:38
Mat, brilliant post, plain old common sense
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:48:04
Mat Dowle
I would say there is very little if any (I certainly haven't seen any), however, the difference is there is also no solid evidence to prove they don't exist (and in my opinion statistically it is highly likely they do)... whereas there is plenty of solid evidence which conclusively proves the flat earth model is impossible.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:48:42
[deleted user]
Its the end of the world
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:52:10
[deleted user]
nah, it'll be postponed again, because of the general apathy
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:54:21
Up to five sitters have seen ET's and aliens as a result of my physical medium ship at the same time, but that is their experience, I urge others to seek their own experience!
Saturday 7 October 2017, 20:59:48
Systematic Freeing. Global Home. Integral and Collective Wellness. Are we focusing on how to build these physically referential / easefully observable concepts or are we distracting from building? That's my gauge. Maybe there could be another two feed here. One's for philosophy and one for building. Actual access without indebtitude to basic needs and symbiotic wants. If the people here want to discuss that then I think this is a highly valuable space. But I think the problem arises when people lose the necessities of physical reality for most of the world and get caught up instead with the dreams, ideas, and visions based generally in having waaaaay too much time and likely privilege to convince themselves of not only the reality of this concept but the need for it to dominate conversations. I came here and I come here constantly seeking the conversations that support global home symbiotically and universally accessible by all. I wish for it's return and heightening indeed. In wellness.
Saturday 7 October 2017, 23:44:37
Well said Mat , THANK YOU
Sunday 8 October 2017, 01:41:54
Morgan "goon"
flat earth is a distraction tactic. promulgated by the powers that should not be to cause dissent and confusion. the greatest evidence of the globe model is the long and lat grid we use to navigate the world. it would not work on a flat plane.
however if that is ones own truth they are welcome to it, but we must not be coerced into arguing the point.
hopefully those who do believe will think twice about risking all of our efforts for a unimportant point of discussion.
Sunday 8 October 2017, 10:27:07
[deleted user]
Well said Nourish you and I are kindred spirits. We should be building the future not destroying the past as though that may change it. They are bombing children today and for the foreseeable future. Billions live on $2 a day. Our health and educational systems are being dismantled and the corporate heads are picking over the ruins. I don,t know about you but I'm fucking angry that we our failing in our duty to protect and nourish all that is good in our world. So what do some people do when they fail they look for someone or something to blame.

Most of know what we are up against so we need to unite and be strong. Please do not then reply flat earthers are splitting us apart, we can all do better than that. Even the sites engine has put a red wavy line under flat earthers. There you go Mat write some code to prevent people from mentioning the words even.

Morgan to some it is important and I think we should respect their views.
Sunday 8 October 2017, 11:04:55
Morgan "goon"
true point iianrog i didnt mean to sound dismissive of ones belief, but we all are here because of our disbelief. using logic and reason of what can be observed and expeirenced. the wisdom is found in priority, where should this topic fall into where we apply our energy.
look at this discussion, it has swallowed our collective energy, as well a level of infighting. that is the purpose of the meme.
it works!! lolol
achieving nothing to the betterment of humanity. lets share our energy towards a better world than discussing the physical shape of it.
Sunday 8 October 2017, 11:27:35
[deleted user]
We are cool Morgan. I agree with what you say but I personally don't think working through stuff is a waste of energy. If there is one thing that unites us all is that we are not 'yes' men and women. If I may also explain something that may give an insight into this flat earth thing. This is how they often look at things and I will use one of Mats comments. "I saw the sun rise this morning on the horizon" and to para-phrase he said it was an observation and could not be disputed. Flat Earthers will say and so would I that it only looked like the sun rose, as the sun doesn't move it is the spin of the earth that gives the impression of a sun rise. Flat Earthers then say show me proof the earth spins. I know, the sun appears to rise so there's your proof and that may be enough but we should be able to find lots of other evidence it spins but they say you can't.

To some this fascinates to others its a psy-op. What if they were really touching a nerve, well I know what I would do the stop it......................................... I will let everyone work that out for themselves. Love and Peace x
Sunday 8 October 2017, 12:19:29
Morgan "goon"
rite on! IIanrog in that regard im currently watching/listening to a speaker who touches on the topic. new and connected information. maby folks maight also connect with it it seems i can link it here
Sunday 8 October 2017, 12:38:59
[deleted user]
Thanks Morgan just had a look I'm going to enjoy this I know .I will get back to you with some thoughts It's quite long so when I've understood it.
Sunday 8 October 2017, 13:32:04
Morgan "goon"
ya i have a penchant for the longer and complete type of videos. hope ya can take the time to consider it. if you watch to the end louise is radiant as the MC
Sunday 8 October 2017, 13:52:35
Absolutely, it's a credibility issue. Flatards should form a separate community somewhere and discuss all they like about the form of Planet Earth, imaginary or otherwise. It's a psy-op and flatards are a big turn-off for me too.
Sunday 8 October 2017, 19:38:18
Don't hold back Dave lol
Monday 9 October 2017, 21:58:53
[deleted user]
I am almost lost for words Billy
Monday 9 October 2017, 22:37:20
Have you noticed that flatards abound in countries where they have been fluoridating city water for some years? Therefore, I conclude that flatards are a result of years of poisoning and brain dysfunction
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 07:14:34
The Didge has spoken
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 07:27:17
[deleted user]
Didge I think you have missed the recent discussions regarding you know what. We as a group have decided we all must refrain from handing out abuse
It may seem like harmless fun but it is very damaging to us as a community and to Mat as the platform creator. We can all do better. This not.Facebook.
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 08:38:46
Big Dave has spoken
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 10:16:35
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