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What is your position on ISRAEL? it is simple question [...]

Gotlands län
via The Full Circle Project
What is your position on ISRAEL? it is simple question is in it? For normal people it is not taboo subject, neither talking about big moon, space, globe lie. I suggest explore subject till maximum and in a great amount of details. Why not? We may connect some interesting dots.

If there is people who would like to redirect everyones opinion on other subject I would like to make them visible and highlighted. Pay attention to the people who well aware about imaginary globe lie and defend it as good as they can and I noticed they all avoiding conversation about ISRAEL.
I think it's a hot topic that you make very vague, not sure if intentional or innocent. I agree, why not? Share in our absolute maximum effort to broaden our horizons. If you're not getting the answer you're looking for, you're not asking the right question.(please come back sylvester)
Monday 9 October 2017, 19:51:28
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