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Thank you Michael Tellinger and Mat Dowle for creating this [...]

Yamhill, Oregon
via Ubuntu Planet
Thank you Michael Tellinger and Mat Dowle for creating this website and for your many hours of hard work to help bring together those of us who truly believe in this movement and its purpose! Michael, I don't know you personally, but I feel like I know you through the many videos I have watched on YouTube, as well as other links I have followed in the past where you have so passionately shared your Ubuntu vision. I am currently watching your programs on GaiaTV and I just knew I had to start taking steps to get involved without any further delay. The question I must now answer is, "Where do I start?"
Why don't we start with interacting regularly on this platform. We could share ideas, and brainstorm. We could also start a chat group too. We'll see how it unfolds, especially after more people start joining. How does that sound?
Wednesday 3 February 2016, 06:08:10
I'm sorry for the delay in reading your response. Thank you! I would love to start by regularly interacting with you and others. Please keep in mind that I will probably have far more questions than I do great brainstorming ideas, but I promise to give it my best! One of the things I noticed on the information under my username is that mine says "3 miles away" and yours says "7880 miles away"! Where is the origin point? For example, is the point we are measuring our distance from in Africa somewhere, or ??
Thursday 4 February 2016, 13:15:56
I think it's the distance from you're current location
Thursday 4 February 2016, 14:45:48
. Do you mean from where the main Ubuntu headquarters are to my current location?
Thursday 4 February 2016, 23:12:08
No. I mean it's the distance from your current location to the location that the other person selected while registering
Friday 5 February 2016, 03:18:45
Thank you, Pranit! This helps me understand better how this works!
Saturday 6 February 2016, 14:18:39
This is so cool to find people that are willing to accept a possible future that is not controlled by money. I share your same views, I am very concerned about the treatment of animals and GMOS . 😊
Sunday 14 February 2016, 05:34:22
Hi misha
Sunday 14 February 2016, 13:50:32
Misha - I think it's cool, too! T
here are so many others starting to signup and show an interest in this wonderful movement! The possibilities are endless!
Sunday 14 February 2016, 21:01:42
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