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Hello Everyone! I live in Canada. South Western [...]

Windsor, Ontario
via The Full Circle Project
Hello Everyone! I live in Canada. South Western Ontario. I am the 13th child in my family. Chuckle .. that can speak volumes! I'm a fighter! Dealt with ill health most of my life! Many lessons learned along the way. I moved to my area of residence today to retire. That was not meant to happen! It was most exciting to read the statement, " It's time to step into the warrior's role; one of action made in love, compassion and a fierce determination to fulfill our true calling." As matters developed in front of me, there was no option but to start creating awareness on how our weather in North America has been Geoengineered for years! I have invested no less than 5 years to research, documenting our sky, holding events & meetings while serving the County of Essex, Ontario, Canada. Growing our own food is a problem today! The last two growing seasons certainly showed the effects of the toxic fallout and lack of Sunshine! The garden barely produced enough for daily intake. I have recently extended my mission towards creating awareness on Geoengineering of our Weather to cover all of Canada. I'm sharing the link to the GAG Canada website for your perusal. It is a Networking Hub whereby anti geoengineering groups formed can register with us by Town/City/Province and/or Individuals wanting to start a group in their area can submit a name and contact info as the first step. I look forward to comments, suggestions for improvement or assistance towards promoting the GAG Canada Networking project! Thanking everyone in advance! Bernadette
Welcome Bernadette x
Thursday 4 February 2016, 08:48:55
[deleted user]
Your Awesome Bernadette! Im in Arizona and just want to thank you for supporting the SKY we are all under. HUGS
Friday 5 February 2016, 00:04:49
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