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Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
via The Full Circle Project
I would like to encourage more engaged sharing between the visionary people here who work with energies, and the hands-on people who have great practical ideas. Toward this end I am going to share some of my experience and thoughts: Many years ago, as an activist to save wilderness, after doing everything I could to save the Ancient Forest, and failing, I understood that the fabric of the forest had already been rent, that huge portions of the biodiversity that enabled it to survive these many thousands of years, was already destroyed. I was in despair. It was the vast, exquisite, intelligence of the Natural World which drew me in to Itself and healed me, and it was to defend this that I struggled. Why, I asked myself, would this vast Intelligence which could extinguish us in a minute if it so chose, why is Nature allowing us to harm and kill Her? Through the years, and still, the only answer that makes sense to me is that Nature, in Her wisdom, for reasons that I am just barely beginning to understand, values some part of us. That is why She invested in us. We are not a mistake. I have come to believe that that part of us that She values is CONSCIOUSNESS. I used to rail, thinking humans are only parasites, but I see now that we are, indeed, part of that vast greatness and not separate. We need to do what we do in order to learn. If Nature thinks we are that important then I do too. Apparently we are worth her pain. We carry the seed of something that Nature values very much.
I conclude (repeat of a recent post which perhaps few saw: ) In their vast wisdom, the creatures, the air, the trees, the mountains, the rivers are betting on ME, that I can attain my full godhood. Maybe everybody will (I think we all will eventually, maybe not on this planet) but that is not something I have control over. What I have control over are my choices. Period. So I choose to follow my Heart now, because I believe it speaks to me the truth of the Divine. I believe my Heart speaks to me through my intuition so I practice following my intuition every day, even in small things. On this path I am learning. I thank every One, the heroes and the villains, the victims, and the innocent bystanders; I am so grateful! Because I understand that they are doing it all for me. Anybody else who gets benefit out of it is fine, too, but again, I cannot control that. I'd really like to get some feedback on this. Thank you from Trees!
[deleted user]
Great article Trees. I meant to leave a comment on one of your earlier posts but couldn't find it. i think you nailed it on the head when you mentioned that many of the articles are outside matrix related. It would be cool to try and balance it a little by including some posts that include our inner reality and learning our own true power and ability to manifest our own reality. Both the inner reality's and outer reality needs addressing for us at this time.
Thursday 4 February 2016, 21:47:52
[deleted user]
That's beautiful, brings a tear to my eye.
Thursday 4 February 2016, 22:02:26
Well said!
Thursday 4 February 2016, 22:39:49
[deleted user]
Im with you on following your intuition Trees! Thank you for sharing this:)
Thursday 4 February 2016, 23:36:36
I think this fits From the Amazing Shamanic E
Friday 5 February 2016, 03:17:29
Thank you Paul! Much food for thought discussion and discussion. As I studied organic chemistry and molecular biology as an undergrad and post grad 15 years ago, I felt science was the most sacred thing I had ever encountered. At the molecular level, great planetary winds delivering charges that would kill a human being if we were in that scale, just making proteins with enzymes. Fantastic, infinitely spacious Universe! I felt then that science was about to leap into a whole new paradigm realizing that consciousness is the basis of both mass and energy. I understand now that in order for our science to make this quantum leap the awareness of the scientists must expand. We are in that process now. I do not, however, agree with the people in the video who think that the "consciousness" which moves the Universe is the consciousness that most of us reside in at present. Consciousness has many levels. We are children. We do not make the world with our childish thoughts, thank Goodness. (How could I allow the darkness inside me to come to the light if I thought that every negative thought that I allow to surface harms the world? ) But there is a Consciousness which makes the Universe. We call it God, or Spirit. We are that Consciousness. It is our Larger Self. We are just beginning to learn to inhabit It, to live there. I suspect we shall "forever" be expanding into new spaces of consciousness. Awakening is opening the lines with wonder to allow more, and more, and more of that Infinite Knowing to become part of our daily waking awareness. A crucial step in the process of waking up is allowing the scenarios that our larger Self has already manifested on Earth, to teach us here. We judge Good vs. Evil; eventually we shall let go of all those judgements so we can see more clearly what is really going on
. End the war. Oh, it is hard to put this into words and post in a collapsing box on a computer screen! Again, thank you Paul, for introducing these valuable variables into our discussion!
Friday 5 February 2016, 04:46:03
As I see it, science has gone off the rails in a couple of ways: mathematical modeling has lost sight of the real world and is creating all kinds of confusion and chaos, and more seriously, science has become politicized and monetized. We have “science whores”, not scientists. In quantum physics the particle/wave problem has been replaced by a probability function, where the outcome of an experiment depends very greatly on the initial state of the experiment and the expectations of the observer. To me, this would suggest that well-formed ideas and concepts can be manifested in the universe. Check out the 'wheeler-feynman absorber theory' and Cramer's 'transactional interpretation'. I see your vision as being very, very attractive! Thanks
Friday 5 February 2016, 19:22:04
Yes. I was a doctor not a scientist and I never was any good at physics. By googling your terms I think I get that you are talking about time travel. I thought about replying , simply by saying it is such a human tendency to want to make stuff out of the wonders we discover. And our stuff ends up getting us in trouble because we are children and don't know how to use our stuff responsibly. Maybe my view of science is skewed by the timing of my medical education, late 90's, but it seemed to me that I was witnessing the last years of significant public funding for research and the beginning of corporate takeover and poisoning of the whole field of medical research. I think that is how it could happen that scientists could utilize megacomputers to begin to explore the magnificent vistas of protein folding and the human genome , and then spend the next 15 years (no sign of it ending) making one new expensive drug after another, that kills this process or that process,. SO BORING. "Medicine" requires an endless stream of sick people to keep paying those dividends. Cancer is staggeringly profitable, for example.
I could go on...but please refer back to what I just said in another discussion about humans screwing up in every way possible. Incredible how many ways there are to miss the mark. I do love mitochondria though, which you bring up in the FUNGUS chat. I think all of these discussions tie together so I am going to refer you over there. Thank you, dear Paul. You have a wonderful mind, much more wonderful than mine. No wonder you want to do things with it. Please do not ever think I am selling you short. If I do please call me on it. You are great. I'll follow you as far as I can.
Saturday 6 February 2016, 05:12:50
Oh, but I just can't resist running this by you. I have lunch every 2 weeks or so with a friend who is trying to work out the physics of teleportation. He talks a lot about entanglement. After watching some popular video recently, about the universe as a hologram, wherein a change to any part of the hologram changes every part of the hologram, I asked him if the scientists working with entanglement, and the people positing a holographic universe, might be like the 6 blind men looking at an elephant, each one recognizing only the part he or she could interact with. As I get it, protons are entrained across infinite space just as in a hologram. I am thinking that physicists are thinking, well, you can't build machines to DO stuff out of a hologram and so don't pay much attention to the hologram idea. Or maybe they are completely different, holograms and entanglement. My friend is clearly interested in the math of entanglement and does not care much about holograms. I am of course very interested in the idea of holograms because I am always saying that each of us waking up affects everything in the most powerful way possible. You are more than a pop scientist-- I know holograms are very popular on the alternative circuit lately. Could
you give me your thoughts on this? Thank you so much.
Saturday 6 February 2016, 05:24:12
Oh, T, Shamanic, Paul, I hope you will check out the FUNGUS chat under the general discussion feed. I am feeling inspired! Big smile.
Saturday 6 February 2016, 05:26:51
Well, I've read a little bit concerning these topics, but in no way having any deep understanding. Pop scientist? Try poop scooper! As I understand entanglement: by causing two particles to be emitted from one original particle the emitted particles are forever related in some way like polarity, or some sort of yin/yang relationship. This relationship is such that if one particle is changed, the other instantly changes to maintain the original relationship. This instant accommodation occurs no matter how distant the particles are apart. Its as if time and space does not exist. Further complicating this is the particles don't have to be emitted at the same time, and there can be more than two. Yikes! I think our perception of one-way linear time puts us in the position of the blind men and an elephant. The Wheeler Feynman theory attempts to make time symmetrical such that the past and future exists as one thing, all at the same 'time'. Good for solving some particle problems, but not good if applied to us! As for holograms, they are interesting phenomenon, but they are static if left alone. Add in fractals and the fun begins! Imagine a cube as a hologram and you can find a multiplicity of cubes within. Now imagine a cube and apply mathematical pattern like a Fibonacci series to it, and your cube starts growing. Apply this pattern to one of the cube's sides and you would get series of cubes growing as multiples of the “Golden Mean”. There are lots of mathematical patterns used by Mother Nature this way. This is what “Sacred Geometry” seems to be all about. Tying this all together? Good luck!! Let me know when you do though!
Saturday 6 February 2016, 22:09:42
Right after I wrote that I looked up a FC members name--528hz and this is what I found:… Enjoy!
Saturday 6 February 2016, 22:21:28
[deleted user]
I can't find anything anymore, all these great conversations we've been having, and everything has merged into a sea of 'so and so commented on so and so status'
Sunday 7 February 2016, 00:50:55
[deleted user]
and the ever present hitting return and sending my response prematurely! I am going to fix this, and set up a new web site to host longer, more intimate, online interactions tonight!
Sunday 7 February 2016, 00:52:01
Hey Shamanic...that pesky return key grrrr! I’ve been listening to your fascinating
Leonard Bernstein video....but this keeps going through my head.....
Sunday 7 February 2016, 01:00:04
[deleted user]
LOL, that's an all star cast. The Bernstein video comes from this fascinating site (fascinating if you're interested in music at least)…
Sunday 7 February 2016, 01:59:39
A couple of weeks ago I used to freely flit from site to site, peruse a pdf or two, contemplate my navel, BLAM! ..Opened a door called Fullcycleproject and Through the Looking Glass I went! Thank You folks
Thank You! for all this great discussion and incredible information. And yes I'm interested in music...actually I'm interested in practically everything....
Sunday 7 February 2016, 02:39:57
[deleted user]
I don't mean to derail this great conversation with my nonsense above, back to this great conversation. Something I've been meaning to say about this Trees. I don't mean to be contradictory, but I think we do effect reality with our thoughts, our words, and our emotions. I think we are co-creators in the universe, and participate in this process, perhaps even quite substantially, to what degree is the only uncertainty in my mind. My intuition tells me we are quite insignificant on an individual basis, really, but no less special and important in the formations on the whole. This makes what's being instilled in us through media, memes, and manipulation all the more sickening. You all have probably heard of Masaru Emoto, whose research provides a basis for this understanding, but in case not:…
Sunday 7 February 2016, 02:47:32
[deleted user]
I believe this research, and especially the research done by Marcel Vogel, gives us very important clues about what "genetic memory" is. It's not in our genes, it's in our water. Water, and crystals, are a storage mechanism, powerfully so. The drop of water in the male sperm probably contains the combined memory of every person that composed me through history. And the drop of water in the female egg does as well for her history "tree". And then, with the woman raising the child in her womb, imparts every experience of those 9 months into the child, and you are a composite of these energies, thoughts, emotions, and experiences going all the way back to the first life form to have ever existed on this planet.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 02:53:18
Thank you! I am feeling a little low energy this evening but shall return soon to participate in several aspects of this wonderful discussion. I did want to echo your comments, Shamanic, about the unborn child witnessing all in the womb, and likely, long, long before conception. There is a beautiful description of cultural awareness of this in a Guatemalan village tradition, recounted by Rigoberta Menchu is her autobiography. This does not necessarily mean that we create reality with our thoughts. If we don't co-create that does not make us insignificant. Actually I think both things are true though I am not sure how it works. The only reason for entertaining a particular concept is that the concept stimulates growth of awareness in the one who contemplates it. No judgement on the thought itself. I happen to be learning more right now from entertaining the thought that God who is me has already assured and is currently assuring that absolutely everything that unfolds in my life (that has to mean everybody's life since I am always aware of all of us) is unfolding for the utmost and highest way for my development, no matter how it looks. I don't have to like it. Entertaining this thought really cuts down on the mental static and helps me to focus on what is before me. Your argument on the other side of the equation, Shamanic, is beautiful also. I don't think genetic memory is in our genes, either; or the totality of genetic memory is not in our genes, anyway. Our memory is energetic. The Water carries it, the Air, the Fire, the Air, and the Energy which holds
all of that in Being, and the Divinity behind the Energy. Oof.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 03:11:28
Trees! I missed an entire post of yours about being a doctor....stuff here just scrolls up and up and...sorry... My wife's 16 year battle with NHL has given LOTS of experience with the local spear-shakers. All is fine now after I had to tell them how to do their job. Yes Shamanic, this water connection keeps coming up. The basis of homeopathy rest on this very thing. The Genome Project quietly went away when they found out how little about the action of dna they really understood. There was a study I saw long ago that taught worms to navigate a maze, then they chopped all their best students and fed them to the next generation. (there is a lesson in here somewhere) Well, the little cannibals did far better learning the maze than their regular worm buddies. Another fun subject is epigenetics...
Sunday 7 February 2016, 03:58:33
[deleted user]
Trees, take it easy and get some rest, I need to take some time away from here as well and focus on some important things I'm trying to develop here in the real world. And I know what you mean Paul, I'm still looking for the conversation we were having in reference to I think the "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" post of mine. Darn, I'll find it, but it might take me a while, and by then I'll probably have forgotten what we were talking about...getting too scattered lately with so many things going on. I appreciate you all, don't take it personally if I disappear!
Sunday 7 February 2016, 04:08:36
Ouch! That was harsh! We have doctors and nurses as clients and personal friends. The alpaca industry we are in is full of empaths which includes LOTS of Docs and nurses. The problem I have is a cancer diagnosis starts some hidden malevolent machinery going and it will chew up the unwary. I have a big problem with that!
Sunday 7 February 2016, 15:55:27
No Shamanic!! My comments on doctors was harsh, especially in the presence of Dr.Trees! And yes,
the cold is getting old...
Sunday 7 February 2016, 16:40:51
[deleted user]
Ok, good, just want to make sure I'm not coming across that way.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 22:10:53
Just ran into this and thought of this discussion…
Monday 8 February 2016, 15:23:03
Hi there Paul! I'm back after a short absence. Too much typing in front of this strangely energetic screen. Nothing you said about do!ctors bothered me at all. Thank you so much for your explanation of entanglement. Really good explanation! I think I sort of get your point about holograms. AND, I just saw the little video and read Michael Forrester's essay per your link, above. I relly liked his cartoon of the double slit experiment. I do not have the math or physics background to know if his claims for what will happen when we understand energetic causation hold water or not. But what I think he is getting at is somewhere along the lines that I am thinking when I talk about entanglement and holograms. Thanks for posting! It provides a good segue into what I am thinking and asking.
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 04:56:36
Here goes: I and I think a lot of other people are thinking that what we see "out there" as solid reality is in fact a projection into the third dimension of a hologram, projected from a higher dimension where we all participate in what we might call God consciousness (though that appellation would not be correct since I think there are infinite dimensions beyond wherever that hologram is being projected). In this scenario we collectively are God, our God consciousness projects the hologram which shifts with every ripple through the Consciousness. God, "we," would consist of every consciousness that ever manifested and all the consciousnesses that could potentially manifest and all the consciousnesses that will never manifest. All. Such a scenario would produce a quantum physics, or it does produce a quantum physics. In this scenario then, the way to manifest change would be to harmonize so completely with God/WE that our wish is Its wish. In harmonizing we would come to see, however, that Its wish is already perfect. (Sort of like a double slit experiment.) This scenario would explain why, since we are in a hologram (one with fractals, cubes, and relationships we likely don't even know about yet), a movement in one projected particle changes the whole. Changes everything. It would explain why when one person gets more awake then everything in the third dimension gets lighter. If that is the case then what we want to do is: while we envision the change our hearts want to see, we personally intend to so vibrate with the perfection that already is, that our feelings of disharmony consciously soothe into the whole vibration and we are at peace. Interestingly, I know from personal experience that it is possible to hold both scenarios in consciousness at the same time. Holding this dual awareness requires practice every day.(As I have done before on this site, I refer you again to the many YouTube videos of a guy named Matt Kahn.) There are likely physics experiments which deal with how many particles must be vibrating at a particular frequency in order to entrain the whole LUMP. OK Paul and anybody, what do you think of this? You can shoot it full of holes. You know what? I am going to post this in the general stream because I think it might get lost in this long thread. Cheers!
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 05:21:55
Paul, much love and admiration to your wife who is still here on the Planet after 16 years of dealing with lymphoma, and to you for standing by her.
Thanks for letting me know.
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 05:23:31
I forgot a line. The shifts in the collective vast WE consciousness are what we experience as change.
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 05:28:55
Thank You Trees. Having large amounts of individual experience at the tap of a keyboard is a lifesaver! For some reason most of the people I associate with are older. Getting them to use the internet to research their issues and connect with others seems impossible. comprendo.. You are right, this inter network is a whole new way of connecting, we are adapting to a brand new environment. Some of the 'dinosaurs' won't make it.....
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 20:54:18
John B
Trees, from what ive read of your posts, Its beautiful the way you can succinctly put to words extremely complex issues of how the entire existential phenomenon works. You've broken down barriers of duality and have dissolved illusions all in one post. what were getting at here is the real reason for all this. the question every person has asked since the dawn on time. The reason is for Growth. personal transformation. You get out of this life exactly what you put in. Send love out there and you will receive love. Love IS nature, the creatures, the trees, the mountains the rivers, Their all begging us to come back into that reality. Our true Earth-mother Gaia Reality. Their beckoning us to hear them. To truly hear the birdsong and let it resonate in your heart. To a point where you can no longer tell if the sound is originating from the bird your your own heart chamber. The distinction loses importance altogether until your meditation is being amplified by the sounds of nature: the sounds of nature are being amplified by your meditation. The birds are like cheering you on and supporting you as you water the buddha seed and attain your buddha nature.
Tuesday 1 March 2016, 02:16:47
John, Paul, Shamanic, all! Thank you so much. You may have no idea how encouraging it is to hear your support. Today I am completely resonating with a video I found of Alex Grey. Here are some quotes: Of his painting, "The Universal Mind-Lattice: "(I) entered into an infinite vista of toroidal fountains and drains of Light. It seemed like every being in the universe was one of those balls of Light, a cell in the body of God. It seemed like this was what was really real behind the veil of the material world. It was all made of Love, the Light was Love, and it connected us all.....We are each one node of an infinitely interconnected Self, a networked Self." "The diverse archetypes, Buddha, Christ, Sophia-- are sacred mirrors of our future Enlightenment." "Once we understand things in a new way, it creates a new world." " Art is an echo of the creative force that birthed the galaxies. Creativity is the way that the Cosmos evolves and communicates with itself. The great uplifting of humanity beyond its self-destruction is the redemptive mission of art." I posted this in the general conversation today but in case you missed it:
Saturday 5 March 2016, 20:09:24
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