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I often feel isolated and alone, uncertain. Wanting to serve [...]

Mitchell, Indiana
via The Full Circle Project
I often feel isolated and alone, uncertain. Wanting to serve humanity in waking up, feeling the need to prepare... for something. The world has changed so drastically over the last couple decades. I agree with an earlier FC post, and hope to develop a local, like-minded support group.
yogi pajamas
It is isolating definitely, waking up ain't all they said it would be lol. I thought it was supposed to be about love and bliss, its more like hell on earth! But i'd rather be awake and isolated than asleep with the masses. I thank my lucky stars the programming never took that great a hold and i was able to break it, at least now we can think for ourselves and it makes life so much more interesting to say the least. And there's more of us waking up every day, it won't always be this way
Friday 10 July 2015, 23:32:17
Steven, places like this are full of like minded folks and I have started a group on FB and am a member of a group of like-minded folks on FB who support each other in this madness and loneliness. We just began a "soulcast" on youtube project where we talk one on one and in groups. it is a wonderful way to lessen the pain you feel. You are welcome to join, as is everyone here.
Saturday 11 July 2015, 18:18:43
We need to support each other!
Saturday 11 July 2015, 18:18:54
befriend me here and I will add you to the groups:…
Saturday 11 July 2015, 18:19:43
Tim F
I know how it is my friend. I've been part of groups in the past but all they want to talk about is 911 and Alex Jones. They can't move beyond and see what is relative in their own communities. Thankfully FSP exists so we may have a platform to connect.
Monday 13 July 2015, 03:21:26
Monday 13 July 2015, 03:21:46
Monday 13 July 2015, 03:21:46
who are you addressing, Tim? If it is me, then you must the group I suggest is not what you describe
Wednesday 15 July 2015, 16:47:11
Hello Steven, I used to feel much the same way when I first awakened fully. Meditating used to not work for me when I did try, although I knew I was blocked and just started doing research. I began by downloading free audiobooks- all within the public domain on the mind/body/spirit complex, metaphysical, meditation, and anything that would help me learn what I needed to grow. From there, I have been led in my internet research to everything I needed to know- that WE all need to know: WE ARE NOT ALONE!! We have help from various others who are helping to awaken everyone as well, some traveling all over the globe to meet whomever they can. Through meditation, I have awakened so much more and even made contact with other entities, those of higher densities, who are helping us. You just have to ask! Though keep in mind, you must also have pure intentions as well. The sleep time is where most contact occurs and where much healing takes place. I still get overwhelmed living in this matrix and have found a wonderful place that helps keeps me balanced while also informing me of everything I need to know: I first started with doing my online research in the beginning that just made me more overwhelmed and pannicked, through much of the alternative news sources. It seems like many of these, including Alex Jones site, are instilling more fear into others in order to "buy" all this survivalist gear. We first need to let go of fear all together to move forward. Although, it is VERY hard to wake others up around where I live, which is not too far from you; as many are so deeply ingrained in television, movies, wanting more money, etc. I see frustration and hate everywhere I go. I respond only with love to others now and receive smiles, conversations, and other connections in just getting to know others without judgement. Try this with anyone as your out in about grocery shopping, etc. Strike up conversations with those who you come in contact with who you sense is having a hard time. Even just saying "Thank you, have a nice day" with a smile gets a smile in return. I have seen many light up this way and it is a wonderful thing.
Wednesday 12 August 2015, 06:03:35
Hey Kya, thx for the encouraging reply. I to, spread smiles and kind words everywhere I can. Meeting like minded people has been difficult, could be blocked as u mentioned. I've listened to max igan for some time now and recently found zen g. I agree with u regarding fear mongers as well. Perhaps i'll try some guided meditation to get back in the swing. Thx again! love and peace
Thursday 13 August 2015, 23:44:29
Steven: Thank you for such a positive and informative introduction. We're kindred spirits. My wife and I own a magical piece of land in extreme southern Indiana and have strong community ties to the green folk. We were part of the founding committee to form a thriving grocery co-op, a network of very successful farmer's markets.
Friday 22 January 2016, 17:33:25
Damn this is a cumbersome system. When I tried to shift a line for a paragraph break the message posted. I'll try again. We woke up in the 70s and follow the lessons and skills I learned as a Boy Scout. The golden rule and always being prepared are core elements of our souls. We have limited contact with consumer society and pretty much stay out of the way. Community ties are critical to survival because we are designed to function in a closed system. Think breathing out CO2 for trees to breathe in and exhale O2 for us and all the myriad connections from good bacteria to our physical neighbors. Multi-generational intentional communities are the foundation on which the new world is being built. Families always lived together, as folks aged and moved through their productive, child rearing years to dedicated work building surpluses for the last years, scaling back as the offspring begin their adult lives and the wheel just keeps rolling. Permaculture is the framework for how the work gets done. We follow the Red Road. I look forward to a dialog with you and all the rest of our neighbors at
Friday 22 January 2016, 17:50:03
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