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What you can't see will hurt you. Here's a video [...]

Powell River, British Columbia
via The Full Circle Project
What you can't see will hurt you. Here's a video on the methane leak at Los Angeles. Wi-fi and cell microwaves aren't "seeable" either but they are nevertheless present.… Be careful when you follow the pied piper of digital convenience (cell phone microwaves).
Fracking Nightmare - Episode 77 - 79 : California Catastrophe
Saturday 6 February 2016, 00:47:58
Methane leak on the order of Fukushima severity, leaking tremendous amounts of
radiation, per Zero Hedge. I don't know a word for this. Thanks for posting.…
Saturday 6 February 2016, 04:35:19
Hello said "after doing everything I could to save the Ancient Forest, and failing". At least you tried “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.” Ghandi. Trees are the lungs of the earth. The parasitic global cabal and their puppets had lots of safer and more empathetic alternatives to clear cutting. Lots.
Saturday 6 February 2016, 16:49:42
So right, my friend. And you know, that phase of my life was a prelude to much healing for me, and much growth of awareness. I thank the trees for this. Thank you so much. I love your energy, by the way. Keep posting! Light!
Saturday 6 February 2016, 18:48:15
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