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Just an update. Recently done a talk locally on the [...]

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Just an update. Recently done a talk locally on the world. Went down really well, but a small audience of about 8 to 10 people. All but about 3 were already aware of the content. The 3 that were new were impressed and took it all very seriously. Got asked to do the same talk somewhere else. I use a lot of graphics I create myself to drive the presentation along. Managed to awaken a number of others locally too. There is no 'perfect' method to what works 'better'. There is no specific 'topic' that works better than anything else. There are too many factors involved. I keep it simple and try to reach people in a straightforward way - psychopaths using false flag terror, the media and the political farce etc. With regards to forming action groups I have had no luck still. Way, way, way too many out there who are hell bent on rules, rules and more rules about what 'topics' are to be discussed and which ones aren't. I actually prefer to mix with those who are still asleep to be honest, as it's easier to have a conversation - the awakened are becoming ever-more radicalised and extremist about their chosen 'solutions' to the world. I find this to be particularly true with the 'spiritual' groups who keep telling me to 'manifest reality' even though they are all struggling to manifest their own bills at the end of every month. I spent years training in psychology and quantum physics, but I couldn't change anything in the world until I started using good old-fashioned speech and articulation to explain what others can actually relate to, especially when it comes to how much dumbing-down has been in progress. The majority of the 'awakened' are waiting for a hero or guru to lead them into a new life, but I am no way going to sit around waiting for that illusion. Remember, none of us can change anything until we get out there in the physical world and start explaining reaching people in a way they can understand the content, and that the content actually matters to them.
Well done James,respect to you it goes ironically enough you are "manifesting reality" for some by getting out there , talking to them and getting them to think outside of the opposed to the "crying over a candle" method in the comfort of solitude in your own home...that`s more like self help (not saying that group meditation doesn`t have an effect,I believe it does albeit in a subtle way).I dunno about talking to large groups of people but I`ll talk to anyone(and regularly do) when I`m out n about on "alternative " points of view ...what ever suits the moment at that point in time...people are more receptive now than ever ,probably `cos they "just don`t know what to think anymore",they know that they`re being fed a stream of bs from the media which is having their heads spinning from one scare story to another without the time to take stock of what`s going on....I encourage them to research subjects on the net if they want to know more just to start them off down the rabbit hole(we were all there ourselves at one point)It`s no time for "shrinking violets",we gotta talk to people,join in conversations and give another point of view...encourage others with another perspective to the one they`re sold....I`m regularly surprised by the knowledge of random people on many off the wall subjects...there is hope for us yet..people are wising up quietly in their own time all we can do is encourage,inform and nurture ....there is a quiet revolution going on in many minds...let`s help give it momentum in any way we can.Good man yer`self James :)
Sunday 7 February 2016, 02:46:45
Well done James while it is comfortable talking to like minded people on forums such as this I am prepared to be considered 'bonkers' by talking to anyone I come into contact with about what is really going on in this crazy world. Often I wish I didn't have this information and good go back to my 'ignorant bliss'. But if I can get just one person to investigate for themselves and choose to 'wake up' then it will have been worth the ridicule. So keep up the good work James.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 03:33:13
Well done, all! If this is not getting too spiritual for you, I would say you are all doing, the Work. Blessings and power to you all.
Sunday 7 February 2016, 04:45:03
Noo problems with spirituality Trees...spirituality is all a part of this,we`re all connected,we are all One (spiritual beings having a human experience)...but time is short, we need to physically communicate with people when the opportunity arises , give them something to dwell on and spark them into wanting to investigate for can`t unhear what you`ve been told but I`ve learnt to be more subtle when I chat with people than I used to be..hahaha....What`s not to enjoy? Besides which I live on my own,work on my own,just give me someone to talk to ,I like people(well,quite a few of them!)...oh yes,they don`t have guns here either which helps,can`t out run a bullet In lak`esh Trees x
Sunday 7 February 2016, 09:54:19
I think the best and most relevant way to reach people is talking about money creation and how the banks create it from nothing from your promissory note. People already mistrust the banks so i find people more receptive to this than maybe discussing vaccines or cannabis oil treating cancer etc etc
Sunday 7 February 2016, 11:55:22
Hey Guzzibob, you are like, 'way Spiritual. When you talk about anything you want to. I looked that that In lak'esh thing and it blows me away every time. In lak'esh, Guzzibob!
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 05:44:21
Big hugz sister,we`re all in this together.....I`m multifaceted with a variety of hats x
Tuesday 9 February 2016, 06:35:44
It sounds like it was a useful meeting. How often are you holding meetings James?
Sunday 14 February 2016, 00:17:58
James L
Thanks people. I am looking into booking more talks as we speak. I would ideally like to do a talk at least once per week. Costs is the problem. Some places charge a lot, some charge quite low. And there's no guarantee anyone will turn up of course.
Monday 15 February 2016, 09:03:02
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